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Limited Release – ‘Blue Kingston’ Maestro – Push Collection Longboards

written by TeamBustin May 3, 2017

We just release brand new, uber limited run graphics on one of our most popular Push Collection Longboards, the Maestro. If you’re part of the fam, you probably know that our graphic release strategy this year is 100% different than what we’ve done before (and 1000% different than the other mass-produced brands).  We call it the ‘Craft Artist Series’, which means ALL board graphics in 2017 are printed in-house in small batches and distributed in limited runs through our official site and through our preferred retailers worldwide through our Shop Customization Program (call your local shop and ask them what Bustin Customs they have in stock…. click here to find you’re local shop).

Bustin Craft Series Longboard Graphics

This week we’ve released three new graphics from three rad artists (see them each here), but we wanted to put a quick spotlight on the staff favorite, the ‘Blue Kingston Maestro’.  These signed and numbered custom batches are hand-crafted using an electron blue background artist finish behind streetscape collage with artifacts from around the world.  The resulting finish is a very clean, very fresh designs that radiates with almost any setup.  We like simple and we like street art, enough said.  These will only be available for a couple of weeks, pick one up here.

The Maestro deck is the best selling board in Bustin history and for good reason. Our first directional twin tip shape and most flexible board ever, this 37.5″ rig rides unlike anything else on the street. A hint of forward positioned camber and concave creates springy rebound in the push position while the slightly recessed rear pocket holds your foot and allows for easy transitions from kick to board. A usable, kicked nose and tail allow for a range of creative freeride potential and the super wide foot positions make for a comfortable, predictable stance. This longboard is designed to be an ultra fun, push longboard. What does that mean? It means that its a 3 pound, 37.5 inch magic carpet that only you can learn how to fly. This longboard is straight fun for everything from casual longboarding sessions around town with your friends, to focused trick training, to high speed rural hill bombing and hard carving. Its the kind of board you just can’t get off of no matter what you have to do or where you need to be. Be warned, skate everything addiction may follow.


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