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Limited Weekend Graphic Mash-up

written by Josh Dunn November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving is meant to be a time that allow for everyone to reflect upon all the blessings that they have received and for us here it is no different as we have been thinking how thankful that we are to be able to craft skateboards for the raddest community on planet earth. Its been one wild ride so far full of front side grinds and toeside pre drifts but that is exactly the type of riding we prefer!! We figured this Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect time to help commemorate and celebrate some of these radical experiences that we’ve had along our ride thus far by bringing back some old graphics and mashing them up with some of our new shapes to bring everything we are thankful for full circle.  There are four boards in this Graphic Mash-up Collection which are all available on our website but we will individually be introducing each one here on our blog over the next few days. Each board is avaliable as either a deck only or a complete set up that is built from all limited edition components with each different board featuring a set of color tinted FiveO Snipers from our one-off batch bolted to a set of our matte black Paris/Bustin collab trucks. To start things off, we will highlight the special addition Sportster  that features a blast from Bustin graphics past overtop one of our more modern artist finishes.


Featuring the Space Skull graphic that originally ran on the 2014-2015 Ibach, paired perfectly with our Sea glass artist finish which adds a new twist to an old classic. The Bamboo-X Sportster paired with our limited run of Teal tinted 70mm FiveO Snipers makes this board is great for commuting, cruising, and pursuits into free riding.  Don’t sleep on your chance to scoop up one of these “blue beasts” because before you know it, its going to late as they will only be available this Black Friday Weekend.  Stay tuned throughout this long weekend for more updates and break downs on the three other boards that are included in this one of a kind offering that gives you a chance to own a piece of Bustin history!





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