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Longboard Chix Skate Across the Nation

written by Mike March 23, 2009

By: Toni Nagy (more at www.overbored.org)

OverBored.org in collaboration with Bustin Boards is supporting six longboarders as they skate across the USA from New York to LA followed by a Multi-Media-Veggie-Powered Bus. The first guy to skate was Jack Smith in the 1970’s. This trip is special involving girls. Hot girls, smart girls, badass girls, and girls that are over being bored.

Written by Toni Nagy:  “The earth needs a serious eco make over, and who better to remind the public than chix on wheels? The overbored crew (there will be some cute boys too) are skating 3000+ miles to promote alternative energy, spread a message of eco-consciousness, and remind all the people who are still young enough or dumb enough to dream that they are things they can do to make a difference. The skaters will raise money and awareness for “Green For All” (greenforall.org) while engaging in environmentally driven service initiatives at planned locations.

The OverBored crew will be living on a bus that is fueled by waste vegetable oil from restaurants, which will serve as a mobile event space, community builder, and energy efficient billboard for partnering brands. It is pretty gross collecting the waste oil from a restaurant, but it is free, and it is a renewable resource that shows there are alternative ways to power our vehicles that is not sucking all the oil out of the earth. I am sure you wouldn’t like it if we sucked all the oil out of you. Imagine how dry your skin would be.

The OverBored chix and boys will give skateboarding lessons along the route, host competitions and races, and have exclusive Bustin Board promos to get girls on the concrete making waves. Skateboarding is green transportation, gives you a great ass, and is a great way to travel.

-Mike Dallas


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Jessie September 14, 2009 at 4:59 pm

Hey. How did this event go? I haven’t heard anything of it. When did it happen? Wish I was there on my longboard!


mitzi October 23, 2009 at 6:35 pm

whats her name (:?

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