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Longboard Investment v. Lift Ticket Taxes

written by Mike November 18, 2008

Go Snowboarding

To address the present economic slowdown and approaching chilly season, may I suggest the benefits of being active.  To keep a tight budget is important, as is making smart capital decisions.  At Bustin, we believe smart investments reap strong benefits.

The Bustin Crew will be cross-training this winter at NYC’s closest friendly neighborhood ski area Mountain Creek (www.mountaincreek.com) located 50 minutes from the GW Bridge.  Pre-Season, All-Access passes are $265 until the first 2″ of snow in Vernon Valley, NJ.  Passes jump to $399 following the first snowfall expected soon. Daily lift passes are $49-$62 so do the math.  If you want to cross train, join the Bustin crew on the slopes or e-mail: skate@bustinboards.com to schedule a session.  Passes/Tickets can be purchased through Mt. Creek’s website and at the Mountain.

Lift Ticket prices got you frustrated?  We understand, and encourage you get out on the pavement.  Longboarding is a great skiing/snowboarding simulation year round without the ski area lift tax.  Visit  www.bustinboards.com for our seasonal sale active now!

-Mike Dallas


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