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Longboard living presented by Bustin Longboards NYC

written by TeamBustin May 10, 2011

Solomon here. What an awesome weekend it was! Thanks to the crew in Philadelphia for hosting such an awesome event. The Broad Street Bomb went off with great success! Our team members represented well finished first in male and female and then some..Go Team Bustin! Congrats to Kiefer Dixon, Cami Best and the rest of the NYC crew that did work! Congrats to all!

Noob alert! Noob alert! I’m joking….but not really. Here is Jasani Jacobs(18) of Brooklyn. BK Stand Up! Jasani was introduced to the scene by Bustin’s own Marc Rodriguez aka Harlem’s Host and his primary focus is transportation. Well that and meeting ladies…but after checking his blog it is clear that he doesn’t have any problems with that. Besides “feeling free” on his longboard Mr. Jacobs is also a talented photgrapher! Check it..Jasani Jacobs


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