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Longboard Loft’s Skateventure Hunt – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles September 27, 2012

So yesterday, team rider Will Royce got together with his shop sponsor, The Longboard Loft, to host an NYC scavenger hunt.  With goals located across the entire city, and 4 hours to photo-document your team’s success (or failure), the race was on as soon as Will gave the go ahead to get some wacky things done in the city.  From making out with strangers, high-fiving cops, and helping the elderly across the street; to olli-ing over people, underwear bombing the Willy-B, and climbing scaffolding, the tasks ranged from mundane, to odd, to insane.  Congratulations to the winning team, consisting of Jimmy Soladay, Kiefer Dixon, Dejaune Norman and Mark Schaperow!  Check out some of Jeff’s photo’s from the hunt to get an idea of the wackiness!

If you give a cop a donut…

Different cop…

Please!  You just need to slap me once!

Hey, could you give me a lift?

Showin some skin on the Willy B!

Thanks Jeff Vyain for the photos!


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