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Longboarding The Globe – A Little Trip To Europe

written by admin May 25, 2010

3 flights and 12 hours of layovers and I am finally here!  Already people are asking me about the Maestro.  “What kind of skateboard is that?!”  “Kickflip!!” “Tony Hawk!” Even in another country I still get the same remarks.  I love this board it is a real crowd pleaser.   Not to mention completely made me forget about my Bustin Complex…  Something I did not expect to hear myself say.   Well we (My girlfriend Maribeth and I) get off the plane to Amsterdam to find out that it is Queens day…  Well for those who don’t know Queens day is the craziest day of the year here in Amsterdam where the cops stand back and let the town go crazy because Its her Birthday.  Breaking bottles/drinking/screamin/throwing anything.. It was crazy to have to push my way through 3000 people just to get off the train when I arrived to Centraal.  It really killed some hopes of longboarding around Amsterdam because the streets were completely covered in trash.  Not to mention the mass amount of drunkin crowds moving through the whole city.

Well waking up the next day I am shocked to find the streets clean!  NYC should hire these guys to come clean for them.  I can longboard!!  This place rocks!   The bike lanes are everywhere very easy to get around.  Most of the paths are made of cobblestones so its a little rocky sometimes.  There are no worries, the new Bustin Bocas handle it all well ;D  (blue ftw).  Wouldn’t mind to have the 75’s right now.   It feels like this whole place is a park.  I’ve already met 4 Americans living here who are very cool people.   They don’t longboard, but they like the idea.  Thanks a lot Travis and Ari for helping us out!

Rain rain go away. It has been for two days now.  It happens tho eh?  Can’t say that I am not having a great time here.  We met up with my neighbors from NYC and got an apartment to share in the middle of Amsterdam.  Lots of plans to see this place.  Stopped by a couple different board shops here.  Doesn’t seem to have a longboard scene at all.  Sad thing really.  I guess I understand because the roads are all cobblestone so bikes really have it easy.  Road trip time to Switzerland.

Zug!!  So now I am in Switzerland.  We drove down from Amsterdam a couple days ago.  I jumped out in Germany with my board and ripped it a little just to say I boarded in Germany..   I know I’m a dork.  Of course it was raining but who cares.  It rained for the first few days we were in Zug.  Thank the Sun gods because finally it opened up and I was able to skate the most skate friendly town I have ever been in!   This place has sidewalks that are bigger then the streets!  Plus nobody cares that I am longboarding right past them on the sidewalk!  This place is great.  There are skateparks all over the place. This town is in a valley surrounded by mountains,  which I would have loved to have bombed if they were dry…

Switzerland is a Dream.  It has beautiful roads and amazing people.  The roughest road here is the smoothest road in Ny.  I can’t get enough of it.  Lots of exploring to do and so little time!   I crossed a bridge that was 1000 years old and still standing.  Went spelunking in a cave discovered by accident in 1863 (Hollgrotten Baar).  Found out 250 years of my family’s history from my uncle Dave.  Needless to say Switzerland was a big highlight of my trip.

Barcelona!!  I originally hadn’t planned to go but the Davenports said that it was a must to make it out there and skate… So thats exactly what we did and I couldn’t have been happier.  I thought Zug was Skatetown, Europe..  Boy was I wrong. 85 degrees with no clouds made the last two days of our trip perfect.  Spent some time at the beach and skated all over the place.  Nothing but beautiful weather and open roads.  There are skate spots all over the place with lots of cool skaters to hang out with.  One of them actually gave me a skate map marking all the spots in Barcelona, and in Spain.  I hit up a bunch of the spots proving this map to be a goldmine for any skater/biker.  I plan on hanging this map up at the Bustin Shop in Bk.

Well Europe was a trip in more ways then one.  I have never gotten the chance to go for just me and do what I wanted.  Thanks to Maribeth, Rob, and Megan for everything you did to make this trip happen for me.  It truely was magical and if anyone is thinking about backpacking Europe for a couple weeks, DO IT.  Make sure you skate Barcelona and go where YOU want to go.


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Josh Shao May 25, 2010 at 8:40 pm

dude. u gotta post a trick tip and show us how u do that. dammmn.

ian May 26, 2010 at 3:44 am

sick. i’m going to be in switzerland/germany/austria all june and am bringing my board, too!

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