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Lurking on the Beast Coast-Bustin Longboards NYC

written by TeamBustin November 9, 2011

Solomon here.

“The concrete jungle that is New York City has been a hotbed of skateboarding for a long time now. Many a shredder has taken on the endless miles of concrete, asphalt, and iron in order to forge their own individual paths. Countless numbers of skaters have weaved in and out of its traffic—auto, human, and otherwise—so as to tap into the chi and flow that is at the heart of riding a skateboard. The Broadway Bomb and the days surrounding it are an ode to the unique adventure that is skateboarding in NYC. Wheelbase was there, and we had a blast!”

These are the words of steeze masters Dave Tannaci and Marcus Bandy(who is also the editor of Wheelbase Magazine), as they recap their NYC skate adventures. As someone who likes to think they have a way with words I was very impressed by the style and presentation that went along with these videos! Wheelbase Online Magazine Great job guys, we had a blast hosting and I look forward to lurking with you guys soon. Stay Skatin’!

And guys..I’m not wearing my helmet on the bridge run, mostly because I was supposed to be working and was only planning to skate to the bridge. I should have been prepared. My bad. Please wear your helmets and I’ll continue to do the same. Peace.


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