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Major Stok’em Race is OFFICIAL – April 10th, SPREAD THE WORD – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Ryan March 28, 2011

Hey guys/gals – wanted to let everyone know that Adam Dabonka and I have finalized details for the 3rd Annual Major Stok’em Rodeo. As most of you know, this is Adam’s brainchild and is a pretty popular east coast event. This year Bustin jumped in to help legitimatize and make it safe and official. Between myself and Adam (mostly Adam), we’ve managed to get the event authorized by the NJ Park Services and properly insured by the same folks that handle big events such as Maryhill. Read more about the event in Adam’s press release below.

WHAT WE NEED FROM THE COMMUNITY – Start spreading the word! The only snag in our planning was that the park commission wouldnt let us hold it after the weekend of April 10 because it then becomes peak season. As such, we’re hustling to raise awareness and get as many people there on a limited time frame. Please use your resources (facebook, blogs, contacts, etc) to help us get the word out quick. Lets make this event sick!

———Official Press Release from Adam Dabonka of Skate Rags Online———

********************Bustin Boards proudly presents Major Stok’em III in Association with Skate Rags Online owner Adam J. Dabonka******************

Date: Sunday April 10th, 2011/Rain Date: Sunday April 17th, 2011

Location: Ross Dock @ Palisades Interstate Park (Entrance is on River Road in Ft. Lee, NJ follow Henry Hudson Drive North 1/4 mile drive under the George Washington Bridge) – Google Maps this for better understanding of the layout.

Time: 11:00am-4:00pm (please arrive early for sign-up and practice runs – racing starts 11:30am sharp – sorry we cannot wait for stragglers due to time constraints, so please don’t get drunk the night before and come late).

Cost: $10 entry fee

This is an official event! We have the road semi-closed with assistance from two PIPC police officers assisting with traffic. Major Stok’em is a longboard event featuring a Downhill Rodeo, Slide Jam, Highest Ollie Contest, and Slalom.

Liability Release

Forms will be available on race day to sign. Minors under 18 yrs old must contact me in advance info@skateragsonline.com and I will send you the waiver to print out and MUST be signed in advance by your legal guardian.

Safety equipment is required at all times when skateboarding on the road, including Helmet, Knee Pads, and Gloves. Leathers optional, not required.

No Alchohol or Drugs/Illegal Substances at any time. Police will be present, if you get arrested its not my problem.

The History of Major Stok’em is a storied drama. It started off as an Outlaw event organized by Adam Dabonka, Keith Rebhorn, Pat Schep, and Jimmy Wade 3 years ago. It almost got busted up when the cops recieved an anonymous tip from a witch named Helen from PA. Well, the cops tried, but didn’t stop the team from moving to an alternative hill, and succeeded. It’s all in good fun but the word Outlaw was a major red flag that year. The 2nd Year Keith Rebhorn single-handedly ran the whole event, and it was a huge success. This is the 3rd year, and due to the large number of responses, the event has now gone legit. We are establishing a healthy relationship with the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, and by doing so we are promoting longboarding as a viable sport. The police will be there to help us run the event, instead of showing up and being an unwanted guest and possibly have the event shut down, which has happened to many other outlaw events across the country. I approached Bustin Boards with the idea, and they said to me, “If you’re willing to do the legwork and get all the details in order, we’re down to make it happen 100%”. Well, its done.. and now time to skate!!

Prizes sponsored by Comet Skateboards, Bliss Longboards, Phat Deanz, Eden Racing, Nawshawtuck Longboards, and more being added daily.


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Adam March 28, 2011 at 11:06 pm

This is gonna be so awesome!!

AD March 29, 2011 at 11:45 pm

Event Reminder: Helmets, Knee pads, and Gloves required at all times while skating on the road. Minors under 18 need the event waiver signed in advance, and bring on race day. Email: info@skateragsonline.com Thanks

Also, highly advisable to arrive early for practice runs. Racing starts 11:30 SHARP.

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