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Making the cut?-Bustin Longboards NYC

written by TeamBustin July 2, 2011

Solomon here.

Just a few shots from today here. Everyone here is pretty much exhausted, including myself. First set of qualifying runs was today. I was a bit nervous right until the moment I kicked off the line. Then after that it was all focus on sticking the turns and maintaining my lines. I finished with a time of 338 and if I shave a few seconds off, which I’m pretty sure I can, then I’ll make the cut. And at this point I’m in the bracket to race for four “wildcard” slots. That’s what I call them btw. It would be great to qualify and race in a heat. Let me tell you right now..it would be everything short of impossible for me to make it past my first or second heats. These guys are amazingly talented and have this hill bombing discipline down to a science. Listening to these guys talk about the runs from their perspectives blows my mind and shows just how much I have to learn. But I did actually have a great run especially for this being my first run this long and first competition at anything at this high of a level. I’m definitely in front of a few people who have been out bombing hills and competing and the stoke off that has adjusted my focus in longboarding quite a bit.

I want to say more but once again I’m falling asleep as I dictate these words through my hands. Today will be more of the same. Practice run. One man qualifying runs. Chill and enjoy an open course to do as many runs as you like. Rock-n-Roll.

Stay Skatin’


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J-Kan July 4, 2011 at 12:58 am

As many runs as you like? REALLY? O_O WOW I WOULD SO TAKE 5HOUR TO FINISH! lol okay maybe not.. but wow that be a awesome way to relax~

parker July 12, 2011 at 8:21 pm

my fiberglass maestro jest arrived this morning…. AMAZING !….

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