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Maryhill Preliminaries Tomorrow..which is now Today -Bustin Longboards NYC

written by TeamBustin July 1, 2011

Solomon here. I have never given so many high-fives in my life! Whatever I was expecting coming out here…this has been way better. From riding down the course with a group of thirty people jamming to a boom box. To breaking in my leathers and leaving purple streaks all over the track..Swag. To a Canadians vs USA fireworks battle at the end of the night. With so much more thrown in between. Tomorrow though is THE day. So far is has primarily been the athletes and different skate companies at the Festival Of Speed but tomorrow the public is there to cheer you on. Why? Qualifiers. One practice run before your shot at qualifying. You know what’s really sick about that? Well besides the fact that you get two chances to qualify? You get to do the run by yourself!!! Can you imagine?! Have I used the word ‘stoke’ yet? Well…Stoke Squared!

So it’s late and I’m exhausted and I have to be up early tomorrow. I have a few pics here of todays awesome session. And by session I mean everything that happens from breakfast to the last firework of the day.

Stay Skatin’!


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