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Maryhill: The Journey Begins-Bustin Longboards NYC

written by TeamBustin June 30, 2011

Solomon here. I have just a second before I have to head to the rider’s meeting at the course. I’m sorry we haven’t been able to get you pics from the actual hill but there is no reception there and the majority of phones don’t get service at the hotel or campground. I’ll do my best to get pics loaded after todays events and get another blog to you all.

Yesterday was Amazing! I def went the fastest I have gone in my Iife and was a bit nervous before my first run and the experienced riders say these runs were top speeds for this course. Tents and chairs were literally being thrown around like bullets. Instead of slowing down when you stood up you accelerated lots more. Your options were either super fast or blazing! Once I reached the bottom on my first run my legs were shaking, heart fluttering and I was speechless and smiling. The only response I could give to people were cries of joy! So dope..I’m doing runs with the top dh riders in the world and these guys are so stoked that NYC pushers are here participating in this event. These guys are cool and the opposite of elitists. Upon my arrival they have been nothing but encouraging and more sure than me that I could handle this course. No worries they say..It’s about having fun.

And boy are we having fun! To all my supporters, thanks for helping me get here! To the doubters..well now you know.

Check out this update by the Push Culture Crew of day 1 of practice runs. I’ll be sure to have more pics of today’s events with the help of Ken Knauf of Skanunu. Look for a blog from me later this evening which will probably be well into the night for you guys back on the Beast Coast.

Skanunu FTW.
Stay Skatin’!


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