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Matt K. Q & A

written by Josh Dunn December 7, 2016

As many, if not all of you know, Bustin has recently expanded our Family with the announcement of the addition of Matt K. as our newest pro rider. Both his long term involvement with skateboarding in the “traditional” sense as his credentials in downhill skating that stretch back deep into the rootys days of speed boarding have made for a smooth transition into our group of Skate Everything fanatics. Working, and living next to him day to day, I can tell you that he takes his iced coffee black but his hot coffee with cream and that he alone has seen the rare Hawaiian “Grinder Bird”, but I wanted to get deeper into the mind of this skateboard fiend. To do this, I sat down with him at the Bustin Skatehouse one night after work and asked him a few shareable inquires to aid all of us in the journey deeper into the world of Matt.  


Matt testing the torque tolerance of his favorite OG Bustin sled

-Welcome to the Bustin Family! Lets start with the obvious question on everyones mind: what made you choose Bustin as your new home?

I choose Bustin because It’s a small family minded company with east coast roots and they are focused on growing skateboarding as a whole.

-How does it feel to back living on the East Coast again?

Feels great, glad to be back where I belong.

-Your sole role at Bustin is not just to skate, give us some insight into what else you will be doing to help the grow the brand.

I’ll also be taking care of everything coming out of Bustin’s video department. 


Demonstrating the he is way more than just a professional rider, Matt K will be clocking in many high speed work hours with his new teammate Bill Rice.

-Skating Everything is obviously huge at Bustin, which seems to fit in great with your roots in street skating. How did you personally get involved in multi discipline skating?

I grew up filming street with my little brother, I’ve been filming skateboarding my whole life. Skating in the streets has always been my past time.

-How did growing up in Canada shape your skating style ?

Growing up in Canada definitely makes you appreciate the time you get to actually skate. Nothing is taken for granted, not even the condition of the asphalt you get to skate on.

-You have been living on the road going from one skate trip to the next for the past few years now so how does it feel to have a home base to lurk and work out of?

Having a home base is definitely a huge plus for me right now. Traveling is still a big part of my life but being able to go “home” after a skate trip is crucial to me now.


Always treading a fine line but always in total control.

-Any rumors of a Pro model???

Definitely. I’m not washed up and that’s not gonna happen anytime soon.

-Pool Coping or fat standies?

It’s the same thing to me, I need that scrape in my life.

-What can we expect skating wise from you in the upcoming months?

I’ve got a few trips in my mind, I’ll be keeping busy in the winter months.

-Besides Emma and skateboarding, what is one thing you can not live without? 

Coffee, final answer.


Emma has proven she is a keeper for more reasons than just keeping up with Matt’s during descents.

Every member of the Bustin Crew couldn’t be happier to have this guy as a part of the team and are looking forward to many more enrollments into his legendary “Skate Boot Camps” in the future. His passion and drive to build a healthier community is perhaps the single best attribute that he brings to the team and we are amping to unleash this guy and see where he can go as well as the documentation he brings back of the journey along the way!

If you are looking for even more from Matt, tune into the Longboarding Reddit thread today at 3 PM EST for a live chat in which he plus Will Royce will be answering your questions as fast as their fingers can type.


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