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Shipping Everything: Matt K and the Kids

written by Layne Moffett February 8, 2017


Hello shredders and shreddets, welcome to the first edition of Shipping Everything. I, Layne Moffett (aka Bruce Layne), Bustin HQ’s warehouse manager and head of shipping department will be leading you on weekly adventures including new special projects, customized one of a kind boards and other skate related journeys going on around Bustin HQ.

Layne lending a hand a school of kids set up their boards. Photo: Khaleeq.

Today at Bustin Boards warehouse HQ we invited a Baltimore City technical high school to tour our space, as well as learn the process of building a skateboard from start to finish. The warehouse crew took the kids through each step, breaking down the details of building up the board components and teaching the mechanics of how each component works together. After learning the process of building a board hands on, each kid left with their very own board, personally build by them.

Matt K signing the re-issued Yoface. Photo: Layne.


In other news, today Matt K put the final touches on his special release Yoface 39 boards, signing and numbering each one personally. From there I packaged them up tight and sent them out the door to 10 lucky shredders who acted quick enough to get one of these limited run boards. (PRO TIP: Check out BustinBoards.com daily to not miss out on any special release boards.)  Also stay tuned everyday to the Bustin Blog for daily events, and catch up with your homie Bruce Layne to see what i’ll be shipping next!

-Layne Moffett


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