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written by Rob Rodrigues November 22, 2016

Lightweight Gear To Go In Mobile Times

A quick overview of some inexpensive products to help get your game up.

Everything here are items purchased for under $100. Most under $50. Any one or combination of these items can help elevate how you capture skateboarding while carrying a light load.

Everything pictured are accessories purchased for under $100. Most under $50. Any one or combination of these items can help elevate how you capture skateboarding without carrying a heavy load.

In the past five years or so, everyone working as an brand ambassador or publicly representing a product or service has essentially become their own personal media company. The demands are constantly increasing. We are expected to supply a steady stream of content with the intent of engaging and growing an audience.

Skaters – Both sponsored and those looking to represent companies through their skills are also looked to as content creators. As a team manager, in addition to bad ass skating I’m looking at a riders daily output. If you can create content that is of the quality I can repost then that brings additional value to the table. It also will keep you on the radar screen of the people at the office. The guys that will enlist you for trips and video projects because they like what you’re putting out on you own.

I’m a reasonably skilled DSLR photographer with consumer grade gear, the mobile phone tipping point for me was when I bought the iPhone 5s. The slow motion video, in camera iMovie editing, and also ability to share decent quality content right from my phone was an eye opener. I quickly became obsessed with finding low cost accessories to help enhance what I was trying to capture.

Keeping It Brief – Below is a list of each accessory pictured in the product photo and a link for more info. I personally own and use everything in the photo. It all fits nicely into my backpack.

  1. Ollo Clip Studio (Case with accessories)Ollo Clip 4 in 1 lensManfotto Tripod — All three sold separately.
  2. Vello Action Pan Camera GripShoulderpod Smartphone Tripod Mount   — Genaray Light  — All three sold separately.
  3. Lume Waterproof CubeLight
  4. Sony Portable Voice Recorder
  5. Mophie Charge Pack
  6. Auvio Bluetooth Speaker
  7. Shoulderpod Tripod Mount with Filmer Grip and Wrist Brace
  8. Rode Microphone
  9. Manfrotto Tripod
  10. Hitcase Waterproof Case, Tripod Mount and Fisheye Lens 
  11. Digipower Action Camera Stabilizer 

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The Small Print

This product report is by no means meant to take away from professional photography, film, or video. Through Bustin and other projects I constantly work with pro level people. The ones that will capture the true essence of the times. My goal with phone camera generated content is to stay in the moment with social media news coverage, spot talent and opportunities for the real cameras to later come in and make compelling imagery.



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