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Meet our Artists: Clint Jones

written by Max Goransson November 14, 2016


Hey Guys!

        Print shop here again! If you guys didn’t catch last Friday’s blog with us, click here to check out our video as we take you through the process of creating our hand-painted customized boards.

For the next few weeks I have decided to introduce you to each of our artists, one by one. So without further ado! Meet Clint Jones, our print shop manager and mentor here at Bustin HQ.

img_3145           Clint grew up with a hobby of music & arts all his life. After graduating high school he attended Shepherd University for painting. With this knowledge he continued being an artist as well as a musician for a band called Page France.

He first began screen-printing for a company called Innovative Marketing and Graphics (I.M.G.)

           After this job, Clint was working for a warehouse when a friend of his informed him of a nearby company that hand-painted and screen printed skateboards. When he showed his interest, an interview was setup with our CEO, Ryan Daughtridge. After they spoke Clint was instantly hired, and, within six months, had taken over as supervisor of our print shop.

            Clint has been working here for a year now and has created a number of our artist finishes that we offer in our repertoire of color options. Overall, he has designed 3000+ boards for our company that customers all over the world have designed on our

These hand-crafted works of art are under the feet of happy shredders everywhere in the US and surrounding countries.

Before I leave you all, I’m going to show you some of my favorite work Clint has created here in our warehouse. Some of these are hand-painted works of art not created for mass-production.   Everyone have a great week. Don’t let the Mondays get you down!

img_0069 img_0157 img_0197img_0158 img_0200img_0183


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