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Meet Our Artists: Jay Reed

written by Max Goransson November 18, 2016

Hello again from the print department!





          When we first met Jay, he was painting an art mural with a few friends across the street from our Headquarters. Every time we would leave to go to lunch we would check on how the mural was coming along. After about a week,  Our CEO and Creative Director learned about Jay’s art and presence in the local skate community and decided to bring him into our custom program as a painter.    


 Topping off the last layer of our Autumn Artist Finish










Cain and Jay making sure there is no texture in our royal blue base color


Besides the fact he paints killer skateboards in Bustin’s homestead, AND had a hand in our mural, he also has mastered his own form of art expression, and its hard to wrap your head around.


I called Jay today while writing this to ask him how long he had been creating wire sculptures. There was along pause and then, “..as long as I can remember”.


After looking into a lot of his art I can see exactly what he means. Drawing is one thing in itself… but to bend the wire into your own type of drawing.. Next level. I scouted some pictures from Jay himself and the inter webs to show you exactly what I mean here.


When I first saw all these sculptures hung up in Baltimore  my first question was always “how?”  How do you get these pieces over the middle of intersections? unnamed-1

(below) Jay uses pool poles with hooks on the end to hang his creations anywhere witty enough for mass amounts of people to see. It’s an incredibly smart way to get loads of people to see your work.


From Murals, to wire sculptures, to paint… Jay does it all .


Hope you enjoyed this bit! We’ve now introduced Clint and Jay both.. We have one more artist left for next Friday which is yours truly! I have a good story of how I flowed my way into painting at Bustin and will also enjoy sharing. Until then, have another good weekend!


Casper tax.



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