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Memories of Summer from Bustin Longboards NYC

written by TeamBustin November 27, 2010

Solomon here. I woke  this morning from dreams of early summer skates. Memories of waking up and only having to throw on jeans and sneakers before I hit the city with an early A.M. skate. Well it’s winter here now. It’s not freezing yet but if I may quote some friends of mine..”this ain’t no picnic.” So with a few extra layers to protect myself from the weather it takes me a little more than five minutes to prepare for my long trek to work..Two flights down stairs to the newly named Longboard Loft. No snow days for me but I find great comfort that I never have to walk more than five feet in the snow all winter if I so choose. Yes, life is good. But I digress.

Yes this is PushCulture. Yes we do skate all throughout the year. However, I am exponentially more motivated  during all other seasons not named Winter. In the past week I have found myself coming back home a little early and staying in bed a little later in the morning to play a little Black Ops. No worries, I have hardly played video games in these past few years so for me to get in around five hours of week is quite a commitment but really not that much time. I was recently made fun of by all the cool kids in the shop for only being on my first level 3. I haven’t been called a “noob” in quite a while. That was my moment in the Twilight Zone. Seriously? You’re making fun of me for Not playing video games? Nerds! Just joking..or maybe not joking but I say it is a term I use with affection. You guys are awesome. Concretekings is my Xbox 360 gamer tag. Find me. But I digress.

Really all I wanted to say is I wish it was summer again or at least my morning skate involved breakfast, a beach and the beautiful sights one might find on said beach. The South Beach Bomb is coming up on December 18. I’m really contemplating heading that direction..with a little help from my sponsors. But for right now I have video memories from 2010- The Year of the Longboard to remind me of beautiful Summer days spent with amazingly beautiful people. The following video is one of those memories. Thanks to my steezy friends at Freshies Media for allowing me to post this video from this years Go Skate day.

GO SKATE DAY from Freshies Media on Vimeo.

I walked downstairs to open the shop and plug my phone in before I grabbed some breakfast and had a quick shred. Somehow I managed to spend the last hour looking at videos and typing this blog. Feels like today is going to be a good one. Time to get back on task and fill my belly and dodge a little traffic. You already know….I stay skatin’.

Happy Holidays to all!


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