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Michigan’s Oldest Push Race – Madness in the Mitten Recap

written by Mike April 30, 2015


Last weekend, Annah and I woke up early and drove to Lansing, Michigan for the annual Madness in the Mitten Push race, presented by Action Board Shop and Go Green Longboarding.  Madness is rooted deep in Michigan longboard history, it was the first longboard push race to be hosted in the Midwest in 2008.  Since, the push has attracted an abundance of skaters from around Michigan and the midwest.


This photo has special meaning to Mike D.  Back in 2009, Jeff Vyain of Pantheon Longboards showed up to Madness to dual it out with me on the racetrack.  We had never met, but the respect was mutual.  We started the race together, pushed together and finished together.  This was Jeff’s first push race and on my home-state turf, so naturally I wanted to notch a W.  I learned that day the strength of Michigan pushers when Michigan natives Jason Yerke and Bill Reis dominated the field, pushing a full minute ahead of Jeff and I, capturing 1 and 2.  Anyway, back to the photo.  Madness is a super chundery course, that takes victims.  Our boy Ben Bos was one of the unlucky few this year, riding a Pantheon.  He hit an obstacle, board snapped, and he had to walk it in.  This is the exact place on the course where Jeff overtook my lead and finished 1 second ahead of me at his first push race in Michigan.  I did not expect to be beaten that day, let alone take 4th place.  Just a few days later, I encouraged Jeff to move from Indiana to NYC to work for Bustin Boards in the Brooklyn store with me.  The rest is history. #respect


If you don’t look like Austin feels after Madness in the Mitten, you’re doing it wrong.


Huge respect to my wife Annah Dallas for her 2nd place finish at Madness in the Mitten!  Annah has been with me since the beginning of these push race shenanigans, and is a mother of 2.  It was rad to see her get out there and dominate. #respect


For the first time ever, a Michigan native did not win Madness.  Huge respect to Bustin Team Rider, Chicago’s finest, Joe Mazzone on his winning performance!  All due respect to Michigan native Jason Yerke of Bees Knees Skathletics has won Madness every year since the beginning.  Joe has been prowling event to event notching W’s on his Bustin Boards MaestroPro.  We’re stoked to have Joe representing Bustin Boards in the Push Game!  Not only is he a Grade A push racer, Joe is a true gentleman.  This is the first year in Madness history that Bustin Boards had a podium sweep!  Major respect to Bustin Team Rider Jared Seifert in 2nd place on the Bustin Sportster36 and BustinxTribe homie Devon Rosema on 3rd place riding the Bustin SportsterPro!  Yeah boys, To the Moon!


Major respect to the only 2 gentlemen to win Madness in the Mitten in Michigan Push Race history.  Jason Yerke of BKS is husband and father of 2 girls, has won Madness more times than anyone, and humbly congratulated Joe on his winning performance this year.  Your boy Mike D was lucky enough to catch a photo with the homies.  Bustin is amped to have Joe on the team representing Bustin’s Team Midwest and we look forward to more close races between Joe, Jared and Jason in the near future.  The season is young my friends, skate on.



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