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New 2010 Bear Trucks are on the way!

written by Ryan April 29, 2010

The new 2010 Bear Grizzlys have been shipped and are on the way. All orders placed after today will be the new version. They will also be available in our store in about 1 week.

Full Description and Technical Information:

The Grizzly`s have been designed to be the benchmark in longboarding trucks. A better, more exact fit and finish than other brands as it is gravity fed die cast in Canada. The axle is 181mm wide, providing a nice stable stance. The Grizzly`s come armed with green 83a Pumpkin bushings.

Grizzly`s will come set up to carve. Carve as hard as you want with more precision and control than ever before, they are super rad carving trucks.(57 degree angle).

When it comes time to start bombing and racing your friends, flip the hanger and you have a wickedly competitive down hill speed truck (The 47 degree angle paired with the 181mm hanger width makes for a stable speed truck).

How does this flipping measurement work? Well, the bushing seat is recessed in the hanger, and the bushing seat and pivot nub are angled. So from the middle of the pivot cup to the middle of the axle is 57 degrees for carving and flipped for downhill it is 47 degrees.

Check out an in depth article concerning the engineering of these trucks here


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