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New Bear Grizzly 1052 Trucks IN STOCK!!

written by Ryan December 9, 2008

We are happy to announce that we have hooked up with Ryan Theobald and the awesome crew at Landyatchz to offer the latest Bear Grizzly trucks on all Bustin models. We currently have the brand new black 184mm version, which features updated heat treated axles, bigger more functional bushings and a machined hanger so there is flat and square surface for the bearing to run against. Basically, these trucks are the refined version of the Grizzly which has a great reputation for downhill riding.

To pick up a set, see full product details HERE.  Or to see all current truck options, visit the trucks section of our Market Place.

Here is the official description from Bear Truck Co. –
The Grizzly`s have been designed to be the benchmark in longboarding trucks. A better, more exact fit and finish than other brands as it is gravity fed die cast in Canada. The 10mm axles let you ride the biggest wheel you want with out worrying about bending axles. Along with the bigger axle comes a bigger nut, 9/16ths, you now only need one tool to change wheels and tighten your trucks. The axle is 184mm wide, providing a nice stable stance. The Grizzly`s come armed with orange Bear Pumpkin bushings.

Grizzly`s will come set up to carve. Carve as hard as you want with more precision and control than ever before, they are super rad carving trucks.(57 degree angle).

When it comes time to start bombing and racing your friends, flip the hanger and you have a wickedly competitive down hill speed truck (The 47 degree angle paired with the 184mm hanger width makes for a super stable speed truck).

How dose this flipping measurement work? Well, the bushing seat is recessed in the hanger, and the bushing seat and pivot nub are angled. So from the middle of the pivot cup to the middle of the axle is 57 degrees for carving and flipped for downhill it is 47 degrees.


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dre December 10, 2008 at 10:29 am

cant wait to give these trucks a try there a little wider then R2’s and bear is a decent company

M. Dallas December 16, 2008 at 11:29 pm

yo dre! that baseplate you’re riding up front on your Complex is a Bear 52 with a Randal Hanger. interchangeable!

ScottyC June 3, 2012 at 8:59 pm

what are they made of? as in nylon, polymer, types of plastic. i need to know so i can know what to use to clean them.

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