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New Boca Tightwall Wheels Are In!

written by Ryan April 13, 2010

This year we tweaked our famous Boca wheel based on suggestions from our team riders and customers. The new shape is highlighted by a sharp, beveled edge on both the front and back side of the wheel designed to break in comfortably to your style of skating. What does that mean? It means the wheel will adapt to the type of riding you do most. If you just like to cruise and carve hard, the edge will hold its shape and hold the road when you need it to. On the other hand, if you are looking for a free-ride, slideable wheel, just do it. You’ll see the sharp edges wear down smoothly and the wheel become a buttery, rounded free-ride cruiser. If your somewhere in between, this is your all around wheel. The beveled edge glides over imperfections in road and won’t chunk when you have a throw down an occasional hard slide stop. Our new urethane blend is significantly faster than the first generation Boca and has already begun winning races on the NYC scene. The slightly offset core is positioned for a comfortable balance between speed and grip and is strong (meaning it won’t burn out and leave you riding on your bearings like some wheels). The widths and contact patches have been tuned for a flexible range of skating and the graphics are, well, lets flip the script and talk about that.

Make no mistake these wheels are FUNCTION over FORM, but we don’t apologize for sweating the form too. In New York City we are surrounded with one of the most progressive and inspiring arts and graphic design communities in the world. From the graffiti covered neighborhood where our Brooklyn shop dwells to the art shows and design forums that flood the five boroughs, we dig art and design. As such, we wanted the graphical design of the new wheels to have a meaning and purpose as well. We received good ideas from tons of talented designers and finally pieced together the concept of the core-less rolling wheel. The idea is that the charcoal colored core blends into the color of the asphalt making it appear that the wheel is core-less when its rolling. After all the prototypes were created and the designs were finalized, our manufacturer told us it was impossible to do. We pushed back (aka begged) and they stepped up, working with us to re-engineer their printing machine allowing the ink pads to pass over the wheel twice to reach deep into the core covering the whole inside wall. You can guess which wheels are in the front window of their showroom as we speak and you may also want to place a wager on how long it will take someone to bite this design. We don’t mind, we love design. Start the clock and go skate.

Learn more about the engineering and design at our Boca Profile Page.

66mm – Free-ride, Cruise, Slide, Crossover
Again, we chose to bump up the durometer on this one to an 84a, but it falls on the harder end of the spectrum (closer to an 85a). This is a perfect wheel for all budding free-ride addicts out there and the crossover skaters who are still unsure if longboarding is for dweebs. It grips, slides and rolls quick and soft while weighing almost nothing making it a dreamy choice for the cool kids with all the big tricks.


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SpinDz April 13, 2010 at 2:12 pm

so beautiful !!!!

Wyle Keaton April 15, 2010 at 5:17 am

They look great and sound great! You guys make it hard to look to anyone else for product – I will say that.

One thing on this post – Check your image up top. You have the Blues listed at 75m; they’re 70m, right?

Ryan April 15, 2010 at 7:02 am

Thanks Wyle for the typo catch. I fixed it up, cheers

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