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New Crail DH trucks and 12 Stitches for Labor Day

written by Ryan August 28, 2008

Bustin Boards and All New Crail Trucks

Hello from the Bustin Boards headquarters where we are moving slower by the hour in anticipation of the big Labor Day weekend ahead. Some of us will be at the beach, some of us will be bombing hills in Michigan and I, personally, will be with my family recovering from my epic accident Sunday night at the Brooklyn Blitz race. After a full day in the ER on Monday, 12 stitches foreshadowing a sweet eye-brow scar and a fractured left arm I am in a good position to write a blog article about helmet safety. However, I think I’ll spare everyone the lecture and talk about something more colorful – Crail DH Trucks!

As some of you know we have been working hard to close the deal on getting these hard-to-find Brazilian trucks into our lineup. Well my friends, after a solid effort by our boy Todd Schwartz on coordinating the logistics, our exclusive batch of colorful Crail DH trucks is floating a few miles offshore from the Big Apple and set to land late next week. As you’ve likely noticed, we recently updated the website with four colorways for Pre-Order and are beginning to sell through our limited quantities of each color. For all you gear-head skateboard collectors out there – get the colors that you like while you can because these boys are hard to get. We only have a few dozen sets of each color on-hand and you know the first set of each is going on my shelf! The first released colorways will be the Matte Black/Black, the Blue/Black, the Green/Black and the Crail logo Orange Wrap (see the website for pics). Going forward we will be releasing new colors as we get them and try to keep the selection fresh.

Now, I can already hear some of you bustin’ my chops saying “Ryan, you crazy artist, we know the Crails look tight but whats the deal with how they ride?” Soooo, for all the engineering minds out there not interested in the vanity of the vehicle, here is a breakdown on the performance from the infamous club pro, Mike D…

////”The reverse kingpin trucks place greater pressure on the bushings as road conditions change. The traditional truck (independent, gullwing) uses a more obtuse turning geometry, stabilizing the truck but limiting the turning radius. Another decision breaker is the snug bushing cup, which provides a smoother rock back and forth between turns. Reverse kingpin style trucks are widely used in the downhill racing world as well as all around skating. These trucks are not recommended for bumping and grinding rails, yet will boast the greatest speed output down the hill. The ride is smooth and predictable. The kingpin geometry is appropriate for ease in and out of turns and the bushings have good flex memory. The colors pop and the trucks rock.” – Mike Dallas\\\\

We look forward to gathering and sharing everyones collective feedback as we begin to distribute these rare trucks amongst ‘our people’ across the world. If you have any comments, critiques and/or stories, please share them with us.

Have a great weekend and PLEASE wear a helmet if your going to be skating fast!


(If you look very closely you can see my Bustin Strike prototype in the background of this picture. It was demolished by a car in conjunction with the accident and when I came to I remember being real upset about it – then I realized there was a hole in my head)

Wear a helmet and ride a Bustin Board


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New Trucks September 1, 2008 at 11:28 am

Helmet safety??????

FilluP Grinter September 3, 2008 at 8:11 pm

yO! those trucks kickass…

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