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New Gullwing Prototypes – Blog from SKATESLATE.COM

written by Ryan November 24, 2010

Thanks for keeping the news fresh on SkateSlate.com.  Here is a recent article about some new developments at Gullwing.  Mike, Rob and I spent some time with Andrew Mercado this summer, just as he was getting set to takeover at Gullwing and he was very confident about the designs (redesigns) he was taking with him.  It looks like he’s not wasting any time!

GMR Virgins and Gullwing Prototypes
by Marcus Bandy

I lost my tripod last week— a serious bummer. Actually, it’s not even really my tripod. The thing is, I thought it was, but then the guy that gave it to me asked for it back—another story altogether. Anyway, a few days ago I remembered that the last time I had the tripod was at a Sector 9 Bread Bowl session, where I left it in the back of the Mercado van. I called that sumabitch straight away to ask if he’d seen it. He had, and was keeping it safe.  After trying to figure out how we’d get it back in my hands, we decided this would be a great excuse to meet up at GMR later in the week, take some runs, test some new Gullwing prototypes, and, oh yeah, get me the tripod.

I arrived at GMR Friday afternoon along with my buddy Aaron (the Indian-giver of tripods). We were as giddy as schoolgirls since neither had ever skated this particular road. Aaron had actually never even skated any downhill before. I didn’t realize it then, but subconsciously I think I might have been trying to hurt my buddy Aaron for giving me a tripod, and then asking for it back. Although Aaron survived GMR without a scratch, I do believe I managed to inflict some serious emotional wounds by making fun of his wild mongo-man foot-braking. It was a sight to behold! He’d be cruising down the hill at a pretty pace, and then all of the sudden he’d just take his foot right off the front of the board, slap it on the ground, slowing himself down a bit, and wildly zigzag all over the place. I could have passed him straight away, but his foot braking was something to be studied, so I stayed back and studied it carefully.

After a good while we became tired of admiring Aaron’s special foot-braking techniques, and decided to take a few more runs. Andrew filmed his dude, Tim, riding the new Gullwing prototype reverse-kingpin trucks. Tim liked the trucks so much that I didn’t get a chance to try ’em, but I did manage to pop off a few pics. They looked pretty sick, and from what Tim said, they rode like butter.

It was good skating with everybody. GMR rules! Thanks Andrew for the invite and bringing my tripod (I still haven’t handed it over to Aaron yet.). I’m stoked to have witnessed this stage in the progression of the new Gullwing program, and excited for what’s to come.

For more info on new Gullwing products and happenings, check out the Gullwing Facebook page

Read the full article from SkateSlate here – http://www.skateslate.com/vendor-news/870-gmr-virgins-and-gullwing-prototypes


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Nate November 24, 2010 at 11:49 am

I was really excited when I first heard about this new product but was let down to see that improvements to the truck itself is minimall

jeff November 24, 2010 at 12:31 pm

can’t tell much from the pictures. looks like they got rid of quite a bit of material toward the bottom of the hanger. Bushing seats look a little more like a Paris, which is my favorite part about Paris trucks, so I’m happy to see that. And then the only other thing would be the pivot cup…wonder if they made any changes to the bullet shape?

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