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New Short Profile Videos By Boy Sergi

written by Ryan April 15, 2010

I just wanted to thank Sergi from CrazedFilms for spending some time at the shop this week and shooting some quick profile videos of each of the boards.  It was a beautiful day and rolled through, grabbed a group of skaters and returned with 5 short, casual videos featuring each of of our boards.  Thats the quickness and the videos are super chill. Watching them reminds me of how cool our family here really is and how much fun we have. There is nothing like spring in New York City.  Thanks Serg!

Here is one featuring our Sojourn longboard. We designed this board partly to be a skateboarders crossover longboard and this video shows its real potential in that sense. The beauty of this board though is that you can go from 30-40 mph ripping longboarder style to casual kickin in the park shortboarder style. Check it and see the rest of the profile videos on our YouTube Page.


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