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No cameras please!!! presented by Bustin Longboards NYC

written by TeamBustin April 26, 2011

Solomon here. It’s almost closing time here at our Longboard Loft and I am ready to get home and relax. Don’t get me wrong..I have my dream job right now and wouldn’t have it any other way. Yesterdays Sunday Shred wore me down. I’m skating more and more each week and my body is still getting accustomed to warm weather skating. The weather right up until about 5PM was prime and the Kings soaked up every bit of Sun possible. From meeting up at the Central Park Bandshell and putting on a show to shredding down Broadway and taking over Union Square and finally hitting the Williamsburg Bridge to chill in front of the Bustin Brooklyn shop. I live above the shop so we went up for hotdogs and video games. A perfect skaters day and I am still recovering. Thanks for hanging out yesterday Kings!

So I started this blog yesterday but this awesome weather has had our store bustling as well as resulting in me being tired from skating. Almost as soon as I got home I passed out and got some well needed rest.  Well it’s another beautiful day, probably the best we’ve had yet and I’m fighting the urge to go  skate so that I can finish this blog.

I wanted to highlight Jake, a 42 year old dad who lives in the suburbs of  New Jersey right outside of NYC.  I say I wanted to highlight him because Jake was quite camera shy and will only oblige to having his photo taken after he is on a first name basis with everyone in the shop. Stick around sir and that won’t take long at all!  His story is cool one so I’m going to do my best to describe him to you.  Jake walked in looking straight from Wall St and sharp as a thumbtack . No surprise that he works in finance. This gentleman was of the Asian persuasion, I only say that to show the diversity of longboarding culture, and was looking for a board for his 8 year old daughter.  She had been previously been given a board from Modells and after research he quickly learned the error of this! Research sent him our way and with one weeks experience under their belts he was ready for an upgrade.  Jake left with a Maestro32 for his daughter and a Complex for himself. The Maestro32 left with a set of Randal 180’s, abec7 bearings, 70mm 78a ZigZags and small cone lime Reflex roadside bushings.  The Complex had Mission1 Gullwing trucks, abec7 bearings and 68mm Avalon wheels. Apologies I didn’t at least get a picture of them but Jake was super excited about getting the boards back to his daughter. He left stoked and intrigued about the skate scene and I felt pretty positive from his feedback that he would be visiting us again shortly.

Okay. It’s ridiculously beautiful outside and I there are people looking for me at the Central Park Bandshell. Until nect time…I stay skatin’!


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Mike April 29, 2011 at 2:50 pm

hot dogs and video games.

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