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Concrete Wave Mags now at Bustin Shop

written by Mike May 14, 2010

Have you read the latest CONCRETE WAVE MAGAZINE?  I suggest you check out this link that will direct you to the coolest e-mag on the planet!!!  CW is a focused and in-depth snapshot of skateboarding globally.  My opinion is that Concrete Wave offers the best objective report on the evolution of skateboarding that is relatively bias free.  The mag is edited and published in Ontario, Canada and published by a respected figure of the skateboarding industry, Michael Brooke.  Leave it to my favorite mag to understand MY style among many others PLUS offer the best hard print magazine FREE ONLINE!!!  WHY?  Concrete Wave Magazine is the COOLEST longboard mag in the WORLD and offers an e-copy for all you cheap ass skate chums (like me) to view FREE OF CHARGE. The mag minds at CW decided to spotlight our New York City longboard community and send us a few extra mags to pass around the city to generate more stoke.  Roll thru Bustin Brooklyn and grab yourself a fresh copy, straight from the CW press in Quebec.  SOON, BEFORE we run out! NYC longboarders, Concrete Kings, Bustin, Earthwing, Get Die and Rat Rod,  YOU are responsible for the recent longboard boom and general growing interest in our NYC longboard lifestyle.  Thank you!  The local skate scene has developed into a community of friends who inspire each other by spreading stoke, flooding the internet with DOPE blogs, pictures, videos and lifestyle reports. Our community thrives because we ALL do our part.  THANK YOU and never stop having fun!

The Concrete Kings have grown in numbers and our boy Sergi always captures the latest (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uHttoDT_o4) The coolest part of these videos is the raw realness of every session.  Everyone has a unique style and EVERYONE is having fun!  The “Carved” series is a snapshot of New York City longboarding.  An important virtue of NYC longboarding is the welcoming atmosphere and genuine appreciation for every skater at every session.  The most experienced skaters are challenged by the fresh new ideas of new stoked riders offering everyone a chance to adapt and learn new style.  I am not sure if this is the exact quote, but a friend once said, “Tricks earn points, style earns respect. -Michael Bream”


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Wyle Keaton May 14, 2010 at 3:02 am

Love the CW. Great article for you guys. And Michael is s8ch a cool guy ~ isn’t he… He’s always spreadin’ the skateboard love.

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