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NYC Public Service Announcement – SBSX track now in WILLIAMSBURG!

written by Mike July 8, 2015

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There’s some new fun in town, and it’s pretty user friendly.  Not everybody skates Chelsea Piers super well, but we respect those who do!  What about everybody else?  Skateparks are expensive and attention to detail goes into the spread of the landscape, the architecture of the features, the layout of the park for maximum momentum from every direction.  Skate parks are rad and they can be intense.  Add scooters, bmx, and the local park rats – you have yourself sketch soup.  When the park is full of talent, everybody gets a show.  When the park is mix talent, INJURIES!  that’s the way she go.

So what should one do to get better at skating in the park?  Learn the basics of pumping in the park for momentum, learn balance over bolts, how to pivot, ride switch and eventually toss in the ollie.  The concept of an SBSX pump track is for skaters to skate a closed circuit track and keep moving, which is the best way to get better at riding.  Every track is designed differently, depending on the space.  There could be a good potential for SBSX tracks in communities who have interest in planning new skate parks.  I am a believer.



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