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written by Rob Rodrigues March 31, 2014

Pushing Our NYC Team to Reach Higher

Video snippets of Prince Lang and Dillon Collins’ upcoming video parts. Plus extra Will Royce and Andy Millien clips.

Since the winter weather started breaking I have been out on the streets with our local riders filming every chance we get.

The first NYC video with Andy Millien and Jesse Whalen for the YoFace 32 was a blast to make and is doing really well. The Boombox video with Paulie Connor and Steven Vera was also very well received. Last week’s video short with Jesse ripping his freestyle game on cruiser wheels was proof that limits can be broken.

Spending countless hours trying to get quality footage is a challenging experience for everyone involved. You rarely go out and get great stuff in a short amount of time. And the riders feel rewarded when they break new skating ground for themselves. Stoked and charged up to do it again and better next session.

Check out the quick little teaser with footage we have been getting with Prince and Dillon. We are stoked on what we have but as a team have committed ourselves to go harder and higher for the rest of our Spring/Summer filming. Both the skating and camera shots are being stepped up Next Level. This is what the Bustin NYC Crew expects of themselves and the people who capture their skating.

Stay tuned and enjoy.


Rob Rodrigues




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