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NYC Street Report

written by Rob Rodrigues May 28, 2014

Filming in the City Steets

This month’s compilation of 15 second Instagram videos

The NYC Crew has been pushing themselves and filming a lot recently. Everyone has committed themselves to stepping up to the next level. We’re trying to collect as much footage as possible during the warmer months for future releases.

If you know about street skating, you know that it’s brutal. The riders are often trying to nail new stuff at new spots and it can take a ton of tries to get it right. Not to mention the beating these guys take while getting there. Many times you get the shot set up and the rider get’s ramped to make it up just as security or the Five-O shows up to chase you away. That happened  a few times last weekend.

Crushing it on Cruisers

Andy Millien at his local Brooklyn park.

Andy Millien at his local Brooklyn park.

You can rip through the streets with ease on a cruiser board and kick your skate game on the same setup. Check out Andy Millien with the gnarly grind on the Modela 33″ and Jesse Whalen mid truck stand on the YF 32″ with 64mm Five-O wheels.

Jesse Truck Stand

Jesse Whalen warming up before the World Freestyle Roundup in Vancouver. Photo by Daniel Trujillo.

“Don’t let your meat loaf, cause you’ll fall behind.”

We’re all about progression and Skate Everything here in NYC.




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