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NYC Streets Summer Highlights

written by Rob Rodrigues August 6, 2014

SkatePhone Video Mashup

Bombing Hills, Taking Spills, Get’n Back Up, Going Big, Technical Madness, Pushing Hard & Just Plain Silliness.


Bustin clips compilation with; Eddie Henriquez, Jesse whalen, Andy Millien, Dave Anders, Prince Lang, DeJaune Jones, Steven Vera, Jonas Richter, Dave Aparicio, Will Royce, Max Ballesteros, Kiefer Dixon & Clark Patrick. Guest appearances; Pete Betti & Scott Schilling.


The Bronx Bomber Gets a Little Banged Up

DeJaune Jones at I Love Downhill.

DeJaune Jones at I Love Downhill.

DeJaune Jones was upstate at the Munnsville Gravity Festival last weekend. He had a bad run in with a guard rail and wound up in a Syracuse hospital with a couple of broken ribs and some other injuries.  Big D is in some pain but he’s being released and coming home to the Bronx this Friday.

An extra special thanks to Annie Klingos for staying by DeJaune’s side and looking out for him while he’s hospitalized.

Heal up and get well soon DeJaune.


Bustin Pro DH Crew in NYC

Max Ballesteros, Jonas Richter & Will Royce.

Max, Jonas & Will.

Max Ballesteros, Jonas Richter and Will Royce all rolled through town this summer. They spent time hanging with the Bustin Family before heading up to Windham mountain for I Love Downhill.

Max, Jonas and RobRod did a crazy Manhattan night skate with Bustin Boards founder, Ryan Daughtridge. On a shady quest to meet up with some random dude and get Jonas a new iPhone. The phone worked and we all wound up at Wahoo’s Taco in midtown.



Max, Niko & Jonas coming off the final left in the final run.

Max, Niko & Jonas coming off the final left in the final run.

Max took first place at I love Downhill. Jonas took third and Royce fourth. The entire weekend was a blast, so much fun that the Bustin team accidentally walked into the wrong bed & breakfast and spent the night there. There was no attendant, a few empty rooms that night and some upset guests the next morning. Opps, Sorry About That.


August is looking good too. Moore fun times.

I’ll leave you with this famous quote —

“I care about my skating. I don’t care what you think about my skating.”

— Kenny Collins






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