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Occupy Pando Half-Pipe Competition, December 29th – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Mike December 29, 2012

Bustin Boards Official Sponsor of Occupy Pando

Transworld SNOWboarding recognizes Occupy Pando 2012

Bustin Boards is proud to support Occupy Pando on Saturday, December 29th at Pando Winter Sports Park in Rockford, Michigan.  Pando’s history roots deep into the foundations of modern snow sports and we’re super amped to work with the core of individuals who promote Midwest Competitive Snowboarding at Pando.


1. Pando was the 1st Ski Area in Michigan to allow Snurfers and Snowboarders unlimited access to it’s winter terrain.

2. Pando hosted the World Championships of Snurfing in the late 1970’s.

3. In 1979 Jake Burton won the 1st competitive snowboard race ever at Pando Ski Area launching the excellent sport of snowboarding into the next century.

Bustin Boards Longboards are designed to perform on hills without snow in an effort to get the same feeling as snowboarding year round.  The ride feels almost the same, the thrill is the same and the same shredders who love to snowboard love to longboard, naturally.  What are you waiting for?  Give the gift of longboarding this holiday season.  Visit your local core longboard shop and ask for Bustin Boards or design your own longboard at www.bustinboards.com.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for December 29th!


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