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Oldie But Goodie – Bustin Longboards NYC ‘Back In The Day’

written by Ryan January 25, 2011

I came across this video recently and have been thinking about where we’ve gone since then.  This video was shot by my friend Luke Korver (www.lukaskover.com) back in the day because he needed a cool story for a Current TV story he was doing.  At the time, my cousin Josh and I were the only official employees (employees who didnt make any money to clarify) and I had just set up the loft at the old wonderbread factory in Hoboken.  At the time, Bustin Boards was still little more than a dream and we were scrapping big time to keep the lights on in that loft.   Even though I remember it being a super stressful time, everytime I watch this old video I remember how much fun we actually had during those early days.  I think this video hit Current TV in 2006 and was aired nationwide on DirectTv which was a huge boost for the company.  We had people calling from all over the country saying they saw us on Current and wanted a custom board and though we certainly didnt blow up overnight, this was one of those little nudges that helped us get to the next level.  3 years later I had an interesting experience while I was backpacking alone down in Ecuador while I was having a beer in a little town called Banos in the mountains.  This super hammered dude dressed like a cowboy came stumbling across the bar and screamed “I know you man, your that skateboard dude in New York”.  Now, I was, and still am, probably the furthest thing possible from a well known person and I figured he thought I was Tony Hawk or something so I just kind of laughed and played along.  Then he was like, “I saw you on TV and dig them boards you and your cousin were making in the Wonderbread Factory. Is that really the original wonderbread factory?”  It turns out the dude was an ex-patriot living in Ecuador getting sauced and watching DirectTv all day.  Totally random and officially the only time someone who doesn’t know me personally has recognized me.  Sweet!


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