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Our Annual “Early Bird Custom Sale” is ON

written by TeamBustin November 9, 2017

If you follow Bustin, you know about our Signature Custom Longboard Program.  You know that we print them by hand, that we sign and number each one, and you may even know some of the artists by name from our social media or the signature on your board.  What you may NOT know, however, is the pain and torture that is bestowed upon our artists during Christmas season each year.  We all have a habit of waiting until the last minute to shop, but those of us who call ourselves ‘skateboarders’, tend to be even worse.  We’re not judging, we are all pretty bad ourselves.  However, it is our familiarity with these habits that drives our ‘Early Bird Sale‘ each year, along with the basic human need to sleep sometimes.

Max & Clint Printing

The premise is simple;  get your Custom Board orders in early and we’ll give you a sweet deal so that we can stay ahead of the game as demand for our signature custom boards continues to explode.  This annual program is always popular and this year we’re taking it a step further.  In addition to our general ‘Early Bird’ Discount of 20% through Thanksgiving Day, we’re ALSO offering a special treat to those of you who order first.  Starting today, we’re offering a 30% discount to the first 100 orders in November.  You need a new board, we need sleep, it’s a match made in heaven and we’re very grateful to all of you who support Bustin!  While you think about, here are some photos of the crew in action.  Thanks for being a part of the Bustin Family!

Oh yeah, and this means it is officially the Holidays’.  Enjoy your days!

Shop In Action

A view from the entrance of Bustin HQ.

Beautiful Custom Longboards

A few freshies awaiting the spray booth.

Pulling off the screen

Clint pulling off the screen from a freshly printed Ibach deck.

Dreaded Josh Gripping Custom Maestro

The dreaded one gripping a custom Maestro.

Josh Dunn, the oracle

Always time for a skate break at Bustin HQ.

In The Zone

The first layer dries on a custom Shrike while Max and Clint prep the next print.

Rasta Red Lion

The beauty is in the details, Clint adding the signature block to a custom Boombox.

Max and Kids

Max putting the final touches on a board before heading to the spray booth.

Josh Packing Up A Board For a Lucky Rider

Josh Dunn giving a rasta blessing to the board before he closes up the box.

Clint in the mix

Clint and Max showing off some the day’s prints for the camera.


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