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OverBored Episode 1

written by Mike February 3, 2009

The video of the day is episode 1 of OverBored, featuring Bustin team rider King Solomon.  Originally planned for August 2008, the OverBored strategy to skate across America and promote conscious consumerism was delayed because of early winter weather conditions.  Using the cold, snowy season to train and network, www.OverBored.org is stronger than ever. 

The skate will begin late April and is single team trek from New York City to Los Angeles, different from the 2008 agenda.  I will be participating and keeping a daily journal and potential video blog to share my experience.  Representing Bustin Boards, I look forward to sharing the incredible sport of longboarding to the random curious and exposing our experiences on the web. My daily journals will be posted and linked to the Bustin BLog so STAY TUNED!!! 

The OverBored crew is a carefully selected ramdom sample of longbarding talent that will keep every audience interested.  Our talented video producer will publish frequent vlogs to keep an objective eye on our trip.  Below is the 1st video procuced by the original crew, and an idea of the stoke we spread in the NYC skate scene.
OverBored Episode 1: Central Park Race from OverBoredNYC on Vimeo.

-Mike Dallas


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