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OverBored.Org Internship Opportunity!

written by Mike January 26, 2009

www.Overbored.org has two positions available for our video production team.  Dutys include video archiving and editing daily along our adventure to produce frequent video blogs on the road.  This opportunity is a special, once in a lifetime opportunity reserved for the right candidate(s). 

OverBored interns are non-paid (late April – late June) yet will reap great benefits plus an addition to your portfolio.  The road team will include 8-12 multi-talented skaters, a designated bus driver and two interns seeking to assist the cross country opportunity of a lifetime.

You and the skate crew will live on the converted Veggi-diesel bus during the 3+ month effort.  Each tech assistant/skater is responsible for their financial needs.  The video archiving interns will assist the bus driver Eric and operate the mobile editing station while the skaters trek 4,200 miles.  The team plans to live communal style to save $$$.

If you feel you found this blog post for a good reason and you can afford to assist, e-mail a resume/portfolio to:





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