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PC News NYC: Maryhill Festival of Speed DH IGSA Day 4 – NEW VIDEO!

written by Mike July 5, 2011

Push Culture News raised the bar for skate event production this weekend at Maryhill Festival of Speed 2011.  Delivering in depth quality video segments after every event.  The east coast experienced the Maryhill DH longboard event almost simultaneously as downhill skateboarders challenged one another down a freshpaved road that loops through the mountains of Goldendale, Washington.  Maryhill sets the standard for North American IGSA events offering a $10,000 prize purse and longboard company free giveaways to the general public – free to all spectators.  The event attracted more than 250 DH longboard skateboarders – each who willingly paid $200 to use the best road in America with hay bails on every corner, downhill ski nets, the best announcer in the game, dozens of skate companies and action sports vendors, all the Pro athletes and their sponsors and a kick ass campground with a firework war between the United States and canada every night aaaand a 2 hour fight club session in front of Camp Bustin.

All in All, Maryhill is pretty  f’n kick ass and gets the Mike D mushroom stamp of approval. Get it in 2012 or BUST.

and now with the latest from Push Culture News NYC


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Solomon July 6, 2011 at 9:19 am

Say word. “Mike D mushroom stamp of approval”. Classic.

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