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Pearse D’Arcy – Dublin’s Finest #TeamBustin

written by Ryan November 2, 2015

Maryhill with noah, Luciano Lima Jr

Get to know Bustin’s up and coming Irish rider, Pearse D’Arcey through a quick Q&A and some beautiful photos from his 2015 season!

1.  Where are from?  Where do you skate?

I’m from a small seaside town north of Dublin, Ireland called Skerries. It’s where I learned to skate initially however it’s basically flat. I currently skate on the opposite side of Dublin, in the south about 2 hours away from my house on public transport. There are a few small mountains around there with a few short runs, not much but enough to keep me going between seasons.

2.  What is the scene like in Dublin?  And/or in Ireland as a whole?

The scene in Dublin is reasonably small, made up of a few core skaters. You’ll see some people cruising around town on pintails/penny’s but for people who are hitting up regular sessions I’d say there’s a core of maybe 10 and a wide spread of maybe 20 less regulars. In Ireland as a whole we do have a reasonable scene. The scene up north in Belfast/surrounding area’s is of reasonable size with a few shredder’s and there’s also decent scenes in Cork and Bundoran. Last year there were 9 Irish skaters at KnK, a big freeride event in Slovenia, which I think is pretty rad.

Southvan alley, Colin Buckley

3.  Tell us about your progression as a skater?

As a skater I have slowly progressed to the level that I am currently at with the help of many equally enthused friends. I started pushing around on a longboards with my friends in my hometown in November of 2010 (which I guess makes it my 5 year anniversary around now). After about a year I had an Evo and I was addicted to trying to go faster than everyone else down every hill I could find. I met a few friends along the way including Mark Moore, who was the best skater in the country at the time in my opinion, and started skating with him every weekend. I would skip school and go skating all the time, every time getting better. Because there wasn’t any truly experienced in Ireland at the time it was up to Mark and I to learn how to do everything by ourselves, with only the help of Youtube videos. We’d watch the likes of James Kelly and Louis Pillioni shred in California, and Kevin Reimer and Patrick Switzer dominate races. I’d read about it in Skate[Slate] and Concrete wave and just get beyond stoked to go out and get better. I attended my first race in the summer of 2012 at Bo Peep in England. My dad and I flew out there and I raced proudly in my 2 piece motorcycle leathers and BMX helmet with Roger Brother bell drop visor. That’s where the real push started. I had witnessed Adam Persson and Sebastian Hertler skate in person and was frothing to go harder and faster. Since that time I have spent every cent I’ve ever owned on skateboarding and have completed 2 eurotour’s and most recently a trip to Vancouver, Canada where I lived in a skate house, skated with all the people I used to read about in magazines and lived the dream. Just having an awesome time with amazing people and skating as much I can is how I progressed as a skater.


Little Fort BC, Carlos Junco  Mt. Tabor, Simon Lee

22365629962_3636078b94_oSaltspring Slasher BC, Rachel Bruskoff Saltspring-Slasher-BC,-Misha-Green  Switchbacks,-OR,-Misha-Green


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