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PELICAN’S PUSHER: Nov 13th, ’16. Venice Beach, CA. (EVENT)

written by TeamBustin November 3, 2016


Pelican’s Pusher is a group skateboard/longboard push event including a scavender-hunt, and a beach BBQ. The event will be held on Sunday, November 13th, 2016 from 12 noon till 3 pm in Venice Beach, CA. Presented by MuirSkate.com & Bustin Boards.

Event itinerary:

PIER-TO-PIER PUSH: the group ride begins promtly at 12noon at the Venice Beach Fishing Pier and proceeds 3 miles to the Santa Monica pier and back to a spot adjacent to the Venice Beach Skatepark. (You’s see our pop up and BBQ just next to the skatepark.) Total distance is just under 6 miles and we’ll take our time just skating, and for those doing the Scavenger Hunt part of it, scavenging.

SCAVENGER HUNT: the Pelican’s Pusher scavenger-hunt will take place during the duration of the push from pier-to-pier and back and will end at 2pm. Full details and rules for the Scavenger Hunt will be provided here in the event page in teh next couple of days, via the Bustin Boards and Muir Skate Instagram pages, as well as provided on the day of the event. Gonna be super fun and chill.

BEACH BBQ (and Trophies): This will start at 2:30pm and we’ll wrap up the event at ish-3. Then many of us will session the Venice Skatepark, contnue lurking, go hit the Maibu hills, or go surf. The possibilites are endless.

This Pelican’s Pusher event is inspired by our passion for all things skateboarding—specifically skateboarding as a viable form of green transportation—Pelican’s Pusher welcomes any and all skateboarders wanting to simply push around with thier friends, live active, connect with the local skate/longboard community, and enjoy the colorful sights of Venice Beach, California.

DIRECTIONS: Venice Beach Fishing Pier

We look forward to pushing with you in Venice next Sunday. See ya soon.

Head on over to the event FB page for more details, regular updates, and to let us know you are joining the fun.
We look forward to shredding flesh & haunting the hills with you soon.


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