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Photo Tips: Composition, then Follow

written by khaleeq Alfred February 8, 2017

Photo Tip #1: It’s a simple fact that skateboarding is an accelerated sport. Regardless of the discipline, downhill, freeride, pushing, street, the dynamics tend to be swift. To keep pace with the velocity in skateboarding, a fast shutter speed is fundamental…However, I’ll let you in on a secret, KNOW your composition and than FOLLOW the skater all the way to that planned shot.

Being conscious of the shot enables one to imagine what is needed, and than execute it perfectly. The focus is on the skater from wherever their beginning was, and following them all the way to the chosen destination. Below are a couple of examples where I was able to envision, pursue, and capture a skater in motion, and all their glory.

Matt K sliding into a right curve while skating with some Texan locals. Photo: Khaleeq.

Create your own obstacles and create your own graphics. Andy shredding a custom street deck. Photo: Khaleeq

Matt diving into the perfect line on an epic California road. Photo: Khaleeq.


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