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Pineapple Polar Express

written by Mike December 18, 2008

photo: Ryan Daughtridge/Mike Dallas

Bustin feels like Santa’s Workshop this season.  We are busting our a$$es to make sure Christmas wishes come true, and we love it!  Thank you for supporting Bustin this holiday season, you have kept all of us busy during the rough economic times.  Even reading this blog grows the longbarding lifestyle, virally.  Our products enable longboarders to skate how they move best, using high performance custom parts.  Processing orders is fun, often curious what inspires customers to choose Bustin.  Assembling each board I smile because I love my job.  Talent is improving and we will continue to stay with the curve.  Riders are stoked and continue to post viral videos, growing the roots of our sport.  The public eye is watching, Maryhill Festival of Speed was aired on NBC.  Longboarding is a super-economical mode of transportation, interesting to the next generation of consumers.  Spread the stoke, support a longboarder for Chrstmas.


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