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Prospect Park Winter Push Race – from my perspective – Bustin Boards Custom Longboards

written by TeamBustin March 1, 2011

The first annual Prospect Park Winter Push Race debuted on Friday, February 25, as 2011’s first NYC push race of the year. It was a great success, and we had what felt like about 50 guys and girls take part during this gruesomely windy and wet night. Didn’t stop anyone from showing up ready to rock and roll, though the cold definitely served as a catalyst to a little bit of a premature start–they left Evan Armbrister and I while we were tying our shoes and started the race without us!

Racers gather at the entrance to the Prospect Park

How that happened is still a little beyond me…we were both going to race in our Vibram toe-shoes but we got cold feet (!!!) and decided to go back to shoes as everyone was gathering at the entrance of the park to head toward the start line. I was the first to finish tying my shoes, and I looked up and then saw everyone take off. I sorta paused for a moment and looked at Evan and said “Are they starting the race?” and he agreed that yep, that looked like people were trying to go fast…that was a race start. I probably yelled some expletive, grabbed my backpack and my Kombucha and headed toward the start line while Evan was finishing tying (sorry buddy). I don’t know how much time either of us lost, but we definitely had a large gap to close up.

Prospect Race Start

I sprinted for as long as I possibly could…until I made it into 3rd place and I could just barely see Adam Crigler and Enrique Cubillo (the artist formerly known as Captain America) in the distance, and then I bumped into this hill in the park with a nice headwind and I think a bear may have jumped out of the woods and onto my back. The rest of the race is a bit blurry. I spent chasing something that was never going to come back to me. I closed a little bit of a gap on Adam during the last lap, but I would go in spurts and then not have anything left in me and that gap would widen again. I thought right toward the end that I might have a chance at bringing him back within striking distance during the last uphill, but then as he crested the hill and I was still going up, the gap got wide again, and I realized it was over. Third place finish for me…pretty much never saw Enrique except at about a quarter of the way into it right before my run-in with the mysterious Prospect Park bear.

Nelson Oliver - 4th Place

Nelson Oliver raced to a solid 4th place finish

I crossed the finish line a little disappointed. I really wanted to see what Enrique had in him, more than anything. I didn’t know he was going to show up…he’s an elusive character, or has been up to this point, and only about 20 minutes before the race started did I know he was there and was racing. For those of you who don’t know the story behind this guy, he essentially won (in my eyes) the Broadway Bomb but disqualified himself when he flipped on Adam for skitching to the win at the Bomb and didn’t show up to the awards ceremony. Adam was DQ’ed for skitching, and as far as I know, the race was Enrique’s for the taking at that point had he made an effort to take it. Bottom line: the dude is 47 years old, tough as nails, has a history in bike racing, and is going to show us all a thing or two this year–I am very confident of that.

Enrique Cubillo tucking his way through the finish line

But hey, that’s how races go sometimes…I’ve got a history of screwed up race happenings that I’m subconsciously trying to keep going into the present, and the good news for me was that despite a late race start, after crossing that line a bit disappointed because of how it all went down, I kept watching racer after racer, friend after friend, cross that line stoked as all hell, and that stuff is contagious. My mood elevated from tired, disappointed, and feeling like I was going to puke to slightly less tired, extremely grateful of all the incredible people around me, and still feeling like I was going to puke, and on a scale of 1-10, I was feeling like an 11 by the time the awards ceremony came around.

Steezy D, Evan Armbrister, and Mr. Rat Rod, Theseus Williams

Steezy D, Evan Armbrister, and Rat Rod mid-race

Eric "Kombuchaman" stoked crossing the finish line

I had a good chat with Enrique heading back up the slide hill about training and this awesome race happening in May 188 miles across Georgia and Alabama over 3 days being put on by Marion Karr. What is this thing? A race? A real race? How are we going to handle racing 94 miles back on the 3rd day after 2 gruesome race days of 40 and 54 miles? Are we going to DIE?!!!!! These were some of the things going through our heads. But hey, we’re committed, and we want to see what’s possible, and this is a step to finding out. I definitely plan on doing some training runs with Enrique over the coming weeks to try to prepare for this event.

Then came some sweet sliding by the Earthwing dudes. Steve Kong and Andriy were tearing it up as usual, and many others were showing off their skills as well. The awards began, and here is where I really was feeling the love. The race was organized by Push Culture (is it News or Apparel? I don’t know!) with sponsors from Uncle Funky’s, Bustin Boards, Rayne Longboards, Atobe Wheels, Earthwing, and Push Culture Apparel. A Longboard Larry Komodo deck from Unchle Funky’s was awarded to Enrique for the win, Adam and I received some sweet Push Culture longsleeve shirts (equipped with a stash pocket!!!) for 2nd and 3rd place, Cami Best was awarded a Kombucha Brew Kit for 1st place girls and Maribeth McHugh received some dope Atobe Bonneville wheels for 2nd place girls.

Nathalie Herring, me, Enrique, and Cami during the awards ceremony

My favorite story of the night occurred when Travis and Brian Davenport announced the winner of the new Bustin Ibach deck, who’s name was drawn out of a hat. Congratulations go out to Yonkers’ local shredder, Michael, who came to the shop looking for an Ibach earlier in the day. At the time, I had to tell him that I was sorry, the Ibachs were not ready for sale in the shop yet. I could see he was disappointed, but then it dawned on me to tell him that yo, we are donating a final prototype Ibach for a race that we just so happened to be attending later that night. I told him if he won, he would probably get the deck. He and his friend were stoked and decided to attend on a whim. The stars aligned for Michael that Friday night, and he received an early birthday present in the form of a brand spankin new Bustin Ibach, and the cheese he unleashed put a smile on every face in the entire crowd. A beautiful story…the board couldn’t have gone in better hands. Look for this green machine speeding through the hills in Yonkers alongside his friend, Matt, who just purchased a sick Rotule Dancer from the shop today. I grabbed a picture…the smile is still there, and as you can see, it’s contagious.

All in all, an awesome way to start the racing season of 2011, and an incredible first event put on by the guys and girl over at Push Culture. Thanks to Travis, Brian, and Jenica Davenport for all your hard work (and my sweet shirt) and all the sponsors for the swag! And thanks to Annah Rowe for the pics in this blog. And thanks to everyone who came out on this cold, wet and windy night that made this event such a success! Let’s keep the ball rolling. Next stop: East Coast Longboard Tradeshow and Concrete Wave Reader’s Choice Awards at the brand new Longboard Loft in Lower East Side Manhattan on Friday, March 11, and the 2011 Warriors Race Saturday, March 12, a 26 mile race from Van Cortland Park in the Bronx to the Cyclone in Coney Island. WARRRRRIORRRRRRRRS! COME OUT TO PLAYEEEEEYAYYYYYY!


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Fepic March 1, 2011 at 10:06 am

Great race, Jeff, now for WAR!! 😀

Brian March 1, 2011 at 5:01 pm

Beautiful!! We were honored to be a part of such an awesome start to an epic year!!

Central Park LongBoarder March 1, 2011 at 11:30 pm


US Speed SkateBoarding is born.

The Non-Profit National Governing Body of Speed Skateboarding. Distances 200m to 50K.

Nationals once a year, champions named for each event with a national champions jersey to be worn for the year.

USOC acceptance in 7-10 years time.

Sunday May 15th, 9:30 am Tavern on The Green, Central Park. I’ll be there to explain all. Join watch, ignore, either way…

US Speed SkateBoarding is born for you to join into federated and governed racing environment with insurance and city permits.

I did win the BBomb in a massive sprint. I closed 300 m in a distance of 500 m. My intention was never to take the award, only have a platform to speak.

Well now you have not only given it to me, you have forced it out of me in public. So be it. It is in the public by your own hand. I simply tell my side of things below.

The win was taken from me by a falsehood that was told. That I had held a car. I did no such thing. That is what I was incensed about at Adam at the finish. That he would blow such an event by violating rules that we had all agreed to as gentleman to abide by.

Had it been true that the winner had “eye witnessed” me holding a car then I think it would not have taken him two hours to come up with the tale when he saw I was not making the the podium awards.

He would have jumped down my face as badly as I did to Adam for a violation of honor and agreed respect between gentleman, local gents at that. The powers had been laid out the week before for all to see what was what. Mark did no such thing. I drilled in the outrage and Mark said nothing.

I only wanted the platform and the nod, the money and the prize was nothing to me.

Winning a so called “race” against poorly prepared endurance newbies was not my intention. My intention was to demonstrate how immature the sport is. From an athletic perspective. That a man 47 years old enters and wins anything is indicative of this.

47 year old men do not walk into mature sports and win.. anything, nothing at all. Never.

You all are imagining you are racing. None of you have yet to touch the remotest part of it. You all have the total capacity to do it if you care to. A body in motion stays in motion. The body adapts to load and work pays off.

Had I known of the Bbomb ten years ago I ‘d have won it multiple times over. I was most powerful ten years ago setting cycling TTT records in Central Park, it still holds BTW. 29 mph average on 4 laps. 50:20 me and three mates. No TTT gear, just drop bars and heart.

Look, what is important now and the reason I would have liked to have had a speaking platform, and now that I have it I’ll say it, was to say that the so called race at the arrow head of the Bbomb needs to end.


The RIDE needs to continue and get more and more and more.. massive, as a RIDE. I would hope for thousands, tens of thousands would be great. NEVER TO END, BBOMB FOR EVER!!!! AS A ride, which is what it is for the most part any way. I looked at the video, I saw the “race”, it’s five men at the front, everyone else is riding, tourists.. good times.. no problems.

Perhaps a sanctioned RACE event with the worlds best 150-200 racers THAT raced prior or after THE BBOMB RIDE on the same week end would be best.

Racing in traffic and holding cars shall never be viewed by any civic leader on earth as something that can be tolerated. Nor even a real maxed out race amongst pedestrians and traffic when skaters do not hold cars will be tolerated.

If you like this kind of thing, then do it. That is your business. I suggest you keep it offline so youth will not seek to emulate you. I encourage you very much btw to NEVER do this. But if you must, please don’t post it and jazz young kids with it.

If you think children should emulate this then please step FORWARD NOW with first and last name and say that is your intention.

If not then know that when you do such things that is the residual side effect of your actions.

All things die and change. Ten years is enough. It has been a golden age. For me it is over. There is no BBomb race. There never was, it was a RIDE I did to try and right the course of a sport hurdling straight down the drain while it appears to be going up.

I assure you, long term, there is no future in racing of this kind. Races are not won by 47 year old men. They are won by 23-28, year well prepared athletes. Someone is going to get hurt real bad and this is simply not sustainable.

Let that person that thinks this is not so, go to the Bloomberg administration and get a permit then.

When this is done. I will believe otherwise.

BBomb and all renegade races in full blown pedestrian and heavy auto traffic have become, the perceived competitive race aspect of it, a selfish act.

The streets are public and we all pay tax to use them. IF you advocate PEACE, THIS IS NOT PEACEFUL. Having your aunt run over by a race with no permit or insurance.. well , it’s over.

At least I have said my peace and left it on record. The blood and the liability shall be on those that continue “racing” in this way.

Racing is and always should be controlled, insured and permitted or at least going in that direction as fast as possible. Quite honestly in a country with so much litigation, I find it simply incredible that anyone with two dimes to scratch together would publicly promote and support this activity.

Find me at the back of these rides. Riding and waving to the happy throngs of supporters OBEYING TRAFFIC LAWS. I will race at events that are sane, safe and clear of any foreseeable possibility of injuring pedestrians or causing traffic accidents AND going as fast as possible towards obtaining event insurance and city permits.

Hopefully I will only do races sanctioned by either the national federation I hope you all join into and help form and grow, Soon to be http://www.usspeedskateboarding.org a 501.(c)3 non profit
, or any other federation with insurance and permits.

Rides? Renegade? Outlaw? That is your private business. Commit crimes ( however small they may be) and place a record of it on youtube seems counter intuitive to me though. I simply don;t understand that reasoning.

For the record, I was not DQ’ed for leaving BBomb, I was DQ’ed over the flat out lie that I held a car. Those living this tale of pure fabrication can feel free to fess up any time they desire and clean their conscious and grow up. It was said I held a car near the start. The footage is clear. No man could have gained a second of advantage near the first 30 blocks, the swarm was so big the cars were all behind it. We were 20 at 80th street, 10 at 75th and four at 59th street until Canal and Adam’s arrival when we became 5 for a moment then 4 chasing as Adam hooked two more perfectly timed rides.

Had I not policed my break away mates when Adam arrived hands were headed to wheel wells fast the second Adam crossed our path. If words removed arms, several people would be armless at this point. I yelled so hard to remain calm and continue to compete with honor and to honor the no skitch rule that when the “race” closes Steve simply is dumbstruck at the intensity and he expresses it. Had I not been so jilted at the obvious violation by Adam I may have even stuck around. But as it was fire was coming out of my ears because the platform to speak , to help the sport had been ruined by a silly act of fool hardiness and lack of respect to honor the most basic rule that was laid forth to us all, assumed gentelmen.

When I go hard against men with no federated rules, no officials I traditionally expect them to honor certain principles of respect to themselves.

Cheating kills the man who does it most. Second it harms any trust that man may have amongst his mates. We all error. Now it’s time to come clean.

I was called and told that I had won. I rested sure that what I am saying now I would have said then from a platform. Needless to say. The truth always comes back around. So here it is and not by my own hand has the issue been raised again.

At the Winter Race recently, I repeated more then once, that there was no need to mention a thing more about this. But I will not stand by and have my side of things not get heard. The BBomb and Captain America have been raised and I have been outed publicly, so now let my side of things be heard. Does the man that laid waste to the local field of LDP pushers seem like a man that holds cars? A man who cycle raced and suffered tremendously on a bike and competed at a pro/am level, won stage race jerseys, managed teams, developed pros that raced along side Lance Armstrong. Does that man seem like a man that cheats and hold cars then calls out cheaters at the line with fire coming out of his ears hypocritically?

Make up your own minds. I’ll win every LDP race that I enter. I work hard and my form is untouchable for at least three years. What you all need to learn is that, the body adapts to the load.. but here is the kicker…



there is no magic bullet…






You guys hung a RACE sign up and guess what.. a racer finally showed up.

I did not come to the podium awards because there should be none. It’s an outlaw race. Since when does outlaw mean public announcements. Folks it’s a balls out dangerous RIDE that HAS NO PERMIT NOR INSURANCE.

Of course it should not have a video record of winners. Well no one got hurt real bad this year, so we can all breath safe and fine I’m outed. Yes I raced the BBomb as Captain America and I flat out won a four up sprint from 500 meters back and my competitors rolled in with two feet on the deck wasted and shattered, they did not even respect themselves enough or perhaps know enough that near a finish line in a skateboard race two feet are never on the deck unless you are winning! Die to the line, never ever give up.

Look I am a nice person and I arrived to help. I did the bomb to help and mature the sport into formalized racing that will have legs, longevity and the blessing of the city government and help lead the nation towards national middle and high school speed skateboard racing . We can put this all past us and grow or remain comically perceiving ourselves as outlaws and renegades in floppy parachutes on a slow path towards being banned off the streets and sinking markets.

But no good will continue to come of racing high noon balls out in traffic ladies and gentleman.


We are at the precipice of lifting once and for all the notion of Devils Toy from a vehicle whose time has come to become transport sport and help heal the earth by lowering carbon emissions.

Racing is the least of it. If we begin a generation of 12 year old kids that race with both legs they will be more likely to commute 3-7k as adults, carbon free and happy. LDP racing and being racers is simply learning the language of effective human energy transfer.

Once this is done people will meditate on doing just that. If they have not learned this language then they will be far less likely to do it and be bound to poorly designed social constructions.

Design is the first signal of human intention. Was the car designed to put a hole in the Ozone? No. Correct. A car is a poor design since you wanted to get from here to there, but you put a hole in the ozone as well, something which you never intended.

Transport Sports are free of this. They are perfectly designed. Totally sustainable. Sport leads to transport all inside the web of story, myth and tradition over multiple generations and demographics.

Devil all you desire.. but racing is rules, respect, and training and one winner. I had and have the devil in me. I’ve had it since age 6. it will never leave. Keep it tame and it will serve you well. Much like the Chinese say:

Little disease, long life
No disease, short life

May 15th. I hope many of you shall attend to sign the petition to begin racing legally in the NYC Parks System with insurance and permits.

My intentions are very honorable and good. I pay tax, you pay tax, we all share roads and side walks. None of us are suckers. We are all equal and need to get to where we need to go by what ever means we freely choose.

When we use public space to race we all agree to obtain permission and protect the public from foreseeable dangers. Stoke must never harm, never.

Permit-less, insurance-less outlaw racing.. will and can hurt people and it is totally foreseeable. Let that person who says this is wrong step forward and publicly say it loud and clear. That they see it as their right, to foresee ably put other citizens in harms way by their chosen activity’s.


I am a sponsored racer and will nobly,honorbaly AND with the best care to never hurt anyone, race and represent these good brands that support such a tremendous TRANSPORT SPORT.

El Pueblo Unido Nunca Sera Vencido.
The people united will never be divided.

ride hard ride often, commute respectfully…

join trasalt.org and demand they protect your right to all forms of alternative transportation that are carbon free and sustainable

see you on the road and at the races.. and of course the rides… ride free and hurt no one

call me directly to discuss, 646 765 4395 any time, anyone, I am here to help and maintain an agreeable, respectful and healthy discussion regarding all these challenging things before us. As goes NY so goes the country… please recall the importance of this historical fact.

Regards to you Jeff and to you all,

enrique cubillo

Joao Morales March 2, 2011 at 12:33 am

wow i am inspired to push harder everyday. i mean the fact captain america called me(and everybody else who wasn’t a top 7 at the Bbomb) a nood didn’t offend me at all but inspired me. geez

btw the guy who won the ibach totally deserved it! coincidence worked well on his part. i don’t even know him but i’m super happy for him haha

Jeff March 3, 2011 at 12:39 am

Enrique, I am glad to have “called you out” in this way and glad you responded. You deserved a platform, and I hope you don’t take any offense to my creating one for you by calling you Captain America. Nicknames are great in this sport, and I, for one, really like yours. To top it all off, I can’t imagine going through race after race competing with you and ignoring our history. It is better that it is addressed. I can’t say that I agree with everything you said here, but I will address a few points:

Skitching – Not something that should ever be done in a race, and not a smart thing to do, period. The reason it is disqualification-worthy no matter what the race is because it is dangerous, and because when people skitch in a race, it forces other people to skitch as well if they want to be competitive. This raises the level of already-inherent danger and will inevitably hurt our sport.

That said, I still skitch on the streets…not often, but there are times when I am more comfortable grabbing a car and accelerating to the speed of traffic than pushing and having cars accelerate past me next to my ear. I’d rather just say that now than be hypocritical about it later. I grabbed a car on the way to work today going up a hill heading into a fresh green light. The road was tight and traffic was antsy and I didn’t feel safe in those tight quarters. I accelerated, let go, claimed the lane so I could make a turn, and continued pushing through traffic. I will do it again at some point, but you won’t ever see me do it in a race. I pass up skitches constantly but there are times when it feels safe and right to do it, and I’m not going to pretend like I don’t have the ability to make that decision for myself, because who knows, you may see it on video one day.

And I don’t believe and never believed that you skitched in that race. I was not at the awards ceremony, nor did I even start the race because of some crappy circumstances, so I chose to stay out of it.

Outlaw Races – I don’t think you’ve done many of these. The Prospect Park race is an outlaw race. The Central Park race is an outlaw race. The Philadelphia Shoekill race is an outlaw race. On a relative scale, these races are safer than your average skate down Broadway. Pedestrians can get hurt whether you skate in a race or in a training ride or just on your way to work. It happens from bikes, and it happens from cars, and it probably even happens from pedestrians running into each other. It sucks no matter what the occasion, but it’s unavoidable, and what we can do is try to pay attention and make as much noise as possible or as little noise as possible (whatever your style) to keep people out of your way. If I’m on my way to hitting someone on my skateboard, I take it upon myself to get as much out of the way as possible. This has even resulted in me breaking my collar bone once. It is not fun, but it is a reality, whether you’re commuting or racing on a skateboard, bike, or even on foot.

On the plus side, these events, outlaw or sanctioned, have inspired skaters all over the world. I would hate if the events were reduced by 75% simply as a result of outlaw races not happening. Part of what makes this “sport” so inviting and incredible is the fact that anyone and everyone is accepted and invited into it. Sanctioned events are more expensive to run and more expensive to attend, and less people would be involved if it weren’t for outlaw events. There would be less events overall and people would have to travel greater distances to be a part of their “longboard community.” I hope races aka skateboard get-togethers continue to flourish all over the country so as many people can be involved as possible. It is this involvement of the people that continues the growth of our favorite passtime.

I will be attending less outlaw events and more sanctioned events as they begin happening and there is opportunity for me to succeed in racing, but I will enjoy the outlaws every bit as much as any sanctioned race and treat them no differently as a racer.

Finally, podiums exist at outlaw races, because people have a good time getting together and fueling off of each other and applauding the success of their fellow competitors. Did you see the bigass smile on your face at Prospect? Scroll up 🙂 It’s a good time, and we want to celebrate.

USSpeedskating.org – I applaud the fact that you are starting this, and I will gladly attend any event put on by this organization, assuming it does not limit my participation in other sanctioned events put on by other organizations. Is there a reason why you are not choosing to align yourself with the IDSA/USADSA? The guys involved in those associations are awesome and inviting, and I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t work WITH them to help further the sport. You can all help each other.

Finally – We’re all athletes, bro. Paulie does backflips. Evan swings on a trapeze for a living. You’re not the only guy in this city who can push a skateboard, and you’re not going to win every race you attend. I know what you’ve been up to all winter, and it doesn’t surprise me that you won a race, having put in the training you’ve been putting in. But you started maybe 40 seconds ahead of me… Don’t think I’m through with you.

Grass Roots Skater March 3, 2011 at 1:53 pm

The Spirit of Skateboarding is F-U-N. As soon as organization and industry enters it, that becomes lost. As soon as competition enters it, and money, that becomes lost. But it’s not black and white either. Competition can be fun. Money can be fun. Organization can be fun. Even the industry can be fun. I understand some of the points Enrique passionately writes about, but certain things in his long, long letter also scares the crap out of me because I see history repeating itself. I’ve been skating since the 1960s and usually it’s been flatground. I liked this whole thing that has been going down, but now I see it splintering and taking on more serous tones. For the better, or for the worse? Give me a neighborhood apple cart race any day. Joe Kid vs. Jane Jetson, and the rest of the gang. Now that sounds like fun. First prize is dinner at my house.

Central Park LongBoarder March 3, 2011 at 4:52 pm

Dear Jeff,

Grass Roots mentions very valid fears. See a recent FaceBook posting on my wall regarding cycle racing and USA cycling. I am in total agreement with GR and fear the same. All the while our race sport could use a federation. All the while free skating, rides, outlaw (competing without officials and federations) is critical to sustaining love of the lifestyle. I see this. I am this. I have been this since age 6.

The time has come to meet over a “table” with low heart rates and calm minds to exchange challenging ideas and formulate united goals. This medium removes facial features and tone. It has failed me repeatedly on numerous occasions.

I believe we are all in agreement that having “the wind in our hair” and defying gravity in all manner and forms on a skateboard is delightful when done freely as well as, within an official theater.

I’d never attempt to control anyone’s freedom to do any thing. That is something left to civil authority and law. Mine is an effort to assist in formally creating the very,very small section of formal LDP racing.

Presently we only have what you call “outlaw race” and I call simply “non sanctioned competitions.” All of them share unique characteristics in and of themselves regarding danger to participates and citizens at large.

When sports are first born they simply happen. i.e. Mt Tamalpias in Marin, for instance. Are you aware that riding on Mt. Tam is no longer leagal, let alone race. Yet the sport of mt. Biking is a globally recognized sport, lifestyle and activity.

My point is that, change (the only constant of the universe) will occur in this sport. What was an “outlaw race” in PP last Saturday night would be/ could be a local club race. At what cost to the participants? As an example Century Road Club Association (100 year old bike club in central park) requires $58 yearly federation licenses and $10 per race. Prize money is provided to the top 3. Free coaching is also provided and health insurance covers the racers in the event they have none when an accident invariably occurs.

That is an honorable goal as well as a necessary one in my opinion. Yes, I relize some may not beable to rise to this economic budget. To this I say, OK, this is fine and I am sorry they cannot. I cannot fix the economy but these costs do seem reasonable pitted against other sports. I also say, never for one minute, would I tell people to not organize and apply compition to one another with out licenses, registration or permits or costs of any kind.

I do it all the time with my mates. We go for hammer rides and polverize each other on gentelmens rides. Now, when we do it, we keep the safety of citizens not involed in our chosen hobby within consideration. Where is it that such a hammer fest is safe.. OTB .. or over the bridge.. that would be George Washington Bridge also in the Parks at non peek hours as we did last Saturday Night.

I’ll pit my legs against any man or woman that wants to skate to Nyack Beach from 14th street for instance. Take the train to Philly and race home..let’s go…No entry fee, no lic. no nothing. We could all line up at the base of the bridge and follow traffic laws. I assure you no one needs to violate traffic laws nor put citizens at risk to go hard Jeff. Never. Hard men are born of inner strength not criminal disobedience, no matter how appealing it might seem. Violating traffic laws is criminal, laws exist for a reason. I am not the maker of them, I’m just the messenger reminding you of them. Hard me can prove their mettle and never violate a traffic law.

Right now what we have is growth via group free ride / “racing”. A very needed and acceptable phase of growth. That is the evolutionary state we find ourselves in at the moment regarding “racing”. Universal laws being what they are (change is constant) though, mandates that further growth and metamorphosis shall occur.

I am not advocating any such thing as the abandonment of free riding.. people are free to do as they like, criminal or otherwise ,again.. I am only here to assist racing and it can be done with money and without as I have explained above. Let me know when we catch the train to Philly.. ? That will set you back $48.. plus feed and hydration… probably a $100 day, unless that is.. one might need a bus ride as well 😉

All I know for certain, is that without permits there will be no formal racing in the parks. Informally as we are doing, sure. I will keep doing them as long as it seems safe and far from being a “foreseeable danger” to anyone. Never hurt any one.

Because that is what parks are for and because. I think that all young kids and adults should have a place where their parents can take them where racing is formal and legal. They will find the other on their own as they do now. Life is about experimenting. The young especially.

We need not argue the point much since there is a perfect example in cycling.

Cycling has USA Cycling and formal races and cycling has Fix Culture and messanger, outlaw, happenings.

I’d never for a second tell the folks in fix culture what to do or how to do it because USA cycling was there before there was a fix culture! So if you are in fix culture, then if you so decided, you could very simply, participate in USA Cycling because it is right there for you. We need to create that! So folks have that option. As it stands there is no option.

Now in Longboarding and push culture, we are void of the USA cycling equivalent. Can you see this? Very simply you either agree that it might be wise to have this additional venue for society at large or you don’t.

My aim is not to squelch any thing in existence if it is not about to hurt someone. A race at the arrow head of Bbomb is a statistic waiting to happen. I have just mentioned it. I will not even try to stop it. That is up to everyone putting their good name and fortune next to it as a “race”. My previous post speaks all about Bbomb, no need to go further here.

That will or will not be squelched by civil order and law. I am not a policeman. I never will be.

Regarding the IDSA/USADSA.

Three things.

1- I am totally open to them and anyone else

2- You are right in assuming that we only need one governing national body for speed skateboarding.

3-The name of any race federation should contain the essential verbiage of the sport for best marketing of the activity. Ultimately all things, sport federations included, need to be developed as brands. US Speed SkateBoarding is terminology about as pure as you can get. What we do is nearly Speed Skating and we don’t call speed skating anything other then, well.. speed skating.. so yes US Speed SkateBoarding and as you see .org.. a non profit 501 c 3.
No for profit will ever and I mean never, EVER be allowed to race with permits in the parks as well as all sports seeking USOC status should be non profit. Has IDSA/USADSA achieved 501 c 3 status?

So, I am happy to share my knowledge of setting up a Sports Federation that will have a shot at USOC acceptance. I have managed three USA Cycling race squads, one all junior and have very intimate knowledge of how the city parks departments work. I also raced for years.

Regarding the fitness of local and global racers for that matter.

1- Skateboarding and longboarding as it exists is home to some of the best athletes around. Amazing strength agility, form, balance and creativity. Vert and street never cease to amaze me. DH and sliding these days blows my mind with their virtuosity and control of fear. Dancers make me green with envy and the tricksters have my full on admiration.

That said endurance is what it is.. and you my friend have a massive talent. Beyond, I think what you even know. Endurance is a slow build that can only grow so fast. Will you burry me? Oh, lad, and how.. yes you will. But this will take a bit of time. So for a little while.. let this old man dream.

ride hard race often, commute with respect

central park longboarder

Central Park LongBoarder March 3, 2011 at 9:50 pm

What is in a name.

A great deal.


and how do you cover 200m 400m 800m with this name?

I made the same error. Initially I thought US Cross Country SkateBoarding.. but then… the short events? What of of them?


US Speed SkateBoarding

all encompassing-simple-clean-completely understandable by any American in a press release, this sport needs to begin as US(american) and be dominated by Americans first and formost… just as we dominate running

Look at DH, already the hottest circuit is Kosovow… this is a negative in my view and will distance Americans, in mass, from taking to it. We live our own traditions, not those of other countries. No offense to other countries. Other countries however gobble us up.

USA all the way!

US Speed SkateBoarding in every high school in the land.. international can come after..

Bertrand Daubeuf March 8, 2011 at 8:18 am

So stoke to read this and see the picture of my friend Eric Kombushman riding the board I shaped for him in France…
He was super pumped to take part in this last time I saw him for thanksgiving and it’s great to see that the event has been a success…
Keep on riding, pushing and having fun!
Say hi to Eric for me!


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