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written by Mike October 12, 2009

This weekend I learned how #longboard push culture is growing in communities around the globe.  We have to do something to embrace this and give back to those who are truly stoked about our lifestyle.  If you feel your community of skaters is growing then it is time to arrange some events. NYC has many events because of the number of stoked riders that regularly attend.  The Broadway Bomb attracted nearly 300 skaters this year which is about 297 more skaters than the 1st broadway Bomb years ago. My point is that communities feed off community driven events.  Board meetings, freestyle sessions, green skates, distance rides, sprint races, relay races, DH cruises, boardwalk runs, bar crawls, costume rips and BBQ’s feed the stoke we share.  The Broadway Bomb is every October in New York City.  The Brooklyn Blitz happens every September.  Green skate happens in April.  The Jersey Jump off happens a few times a year.  The Central Park Race goes down in June.

The trend is growing for each of these races but there are many voids in our lineup.  Too many skaters e-mail us questioning when/what the next event will be.  This weekend I had the chance to speak with many of the industry guru’s who share the same ideas, now we need execution.  Please share your ideas on the comment section below to generate a buzz about new events.  Don’t hesitate to offer opinions because the best events are those that get discussed.

I was watching a surf video last week that compared Andy Irons with Dave Rastavich.  The director focused on the difference between competing for a title and surfing for the soul.  Andy generates a buzz by placing in more events than the rest of the pack while Dave is a Free surfer who travels the world searching for the next perfect wave.  I have a dream that community generated events will be less competitive and focus more on perfect conditions.  We all know that secret spot we go to when we need a release and we all have side streets in our lives that inspire our skating.  I encourage all riders to bring a camera to their favorite spots and describe them.  Riders are easily inspired by other skaters favorite spots and new genre’s of skateboarding evolve when new riders seek out these areas because everyone has a unique style for shredding different concrete waves.

The moral of the story is this:

Our lifestyle is based on thousands of stoked skaters yet we have few events.  Stand up in your community and do something about it.  Send me an e-mail @ mikedallas@bustinboards.com if you have an idea and we can discuss the best method for hosting your event.  Remember the power of social networking though all of the easy to access sites out there like facebook, myspace and twitter.  Your event will empower people.  Brainstorm and execute.


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mark schaperow October 12, 2009 at 11:17 am

funny you mention this…. i was just talkin to a cuppel of guys about this at the sec 9 party last night. we feel that there needs to be a winter race. there is toooo long of a break between the bomb and the green skate. im gonna figure out a spot and pitch it to you. and we need another board meeting soon. id say we have one on halloween! actually….. im gonna put the word out….. a halloween board meeting!

Mike October 12, 2009 at 11:30 am

Halloween costume rip through through the NYC Halloween parade?

fabrika production October 12, 2009 at 11:30 am

i think the community really became aware of itself this weekend…there is nothing holding us back from collaborating an nyc 5 boro curcuit race and then expand it to an east coast curcuit race. i feel that if we put our heads together we can easily find sponsorship and organize the whole thing ourselves… after all most of us here for the love of it. Only thing that worries me is big corporations trying to feed of our backs. I say we organize and stick together and control how we rock this shit.

we as fabrika productions are ready and willing to do what is necessary..

one love ,

Mike Burns October 13, 2009 at 1:58 pm

I think a winter race is a great idea. And we here in philly intend on having a race in early august every year.

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