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Push More Events: DFW Slide Jam II

written by Josh Dunn January 2, 2018

One of the things that makes skateboarding so addicting is the guarantee that when two or more shredders gather, fun shall be there. All to often you come across the social media post of a “Loose Bruce” seeking someone in their local area to squad up with to collab on an urban shredfari through the local scenery. The raddest possible scenario that could happen during these times is that there is an actual event being hosted for that individual to attend and plug deeper into the community. Its our mission, along with all of our Push More Reps to make this ideal outcome more and more prevalent through our Push More Events initiative.

The latest Rep to accept this call to action was Kacey Moon along with Matt Rody down in Dallas, Texas who hosted his second annual DFW Slide Jam which served as not only a good time skate wise, but also as a killer opportunity  to help out those less fortunate in the local area.

The #CommunityContributor prize deck amongst its fellow give away brethren.


Event host and coordinator Kacey Moon along with Matt, took it upon them selves to host an epic outing for this local skate scene but took it one step further by collecting and then donating canned food for the hungry! This is one of the most unique entry fees we have ever heard of and we could not be more stoked on the all around Community appeal that it has! Matt and Kacey took the gift they personally receive from skateboarding and packaged it up so that even those who don’t skate can still feel its impact!

Kacey depositing the goods at the local food bank

The event its self went off smashingly as many of the Texas homies came out of the woodwork for what looks like one radical time. If you haven’t been to the Lone Star State, don’t sleep on this as a location filled with down the earth riders who simply are looking to enjoy their natural terrain around them. From free riding the local inclines, to mobbing the drainage ditches found in many Texas towns, this is one area of the country you should put on your skate map for sure!

Cranking out a big standie right in the line of sight of the event host is one way to earn a ticket to the prize table.

Squarin’ up his shoulders for a mean standup toeside during a solo mission down the course.

Events are perhaps the most important componant of getting new riders fully plugged into the skateboarding scene and are absolutely critical for a healthy scene.  Do you have a spot that would be perfect to gather the homies for a day full of thrills and spills? Hit up Joshtafari with your event details or concerns  for your chance to enter to recieve the official Push More Prize Pack sent out to help stoke out your event!

Big ups to Kacey and Matt for holding it down for what looked like an all time event. Our culture is in our control with the community members being the ones who direct our own destiny. Stay stoked knowing that the more we push together, the stronger our scene will become!

You know its a good event if the Texas Baked crew shows up!

See y’all next year at the DFW Slide Jam III!






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