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Push More Rep Events: Huaxtla Dh 2017

written by Josh Dunn December 14, 2017

This past weekend, our Push More Rider Rep Salvador De la Torre went full send on a radical event which brought out riders from all over his local area of Guadalajara, Mexico.  His race, Huaxtla Dh 2017 was held on a user friendly incline that allowed each participant to push themselves but also catered to progression for riders of all skill levels. Running heats for Girls, Amateurs,  as well as Masters, this truly was a #CommunityCommitted event with an end goal simply of providing a place for everyone to rally together and have fun wiggling down a hill.

This is exactly the reason we started the Bustin Push More Rep Program which was and is to help support fellow skaters as they support grass roots movements like this in their neck of the woods. Skating is much more than just an art style, its a life style composed of real life community members that collaborate to create one of the most unique atmospheres on earth when they assemble in numbers. Salvador is one of the latest Community Contributors but we are amped to see how our growing number of Push More Reps are able to impact skateboarding as a whole in the upcoming future.


To join the ranks and begin earning not just Bolts for simply Pushing More but also to start working toward building a bigger and better skateboarding community for us all to enjoy, mob over to the Rep Portal and toss in your application!  We are skaters looking to give back to the fellow skaters out there who have supported us along the way so sign up today to join the Push More Family and together lets build the community we desire to be a part of!


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