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Push More Rep Newsletter: Cold Weather Shredvival Guide

written by Josh Dunn January 5, 2018

Unless you are one of our homies who lives close to the equator, these next few winter months are a trying time to be a skateboarder. Old Man Winter comes a-knockin’ and brings with him a full guest list of situations and scenarios that are not hospitable for us to get out and Push More. Although the odds are stacked against us for a couple months, those of us who are 100% Skateboarders are driven by an unexplainable desire to brave the elements to get in our thrills on our wooden wheelie boards.

As is with all things, there are tricks and tips that can make these cold weather sessions more tolerable and therefore they can last longer getting you the most stoke possible from your investment. We reached out to some of our tried and true Push More Reps to hear some of the ways they have come up with over their years to keep rolling through these trying times.

Jaap van der Sterren

“If it’s cold and windy, you should try to find a local parking garage. Racing down one is a ton of fun, and the flat parts make it perfect for nailing those flatland tricks you’ve been working on for a while or get a dope dancing line going, Some parking garages have security and they might kick you out, don’t be afraid to talk them and try to get a compromise going, say you will only skate a certain deck and if you show them you will clean your spot after skating, they will generally say it’s gucci. If they however say you have to bounce, then just bounce.

Staying stoked during a recent visit to HQ, Jaap ain’t afraid of an American East Coast winter! Photo: Khaleeq

When you’re going to skate outdoors, be sure to layer up. Get yourself a jacket and a zip up hoodie (get that Bustin hoodie) cause when you start skating you will get warm, so drop that jacket but be sure to wrap yourself in once you’re done. Because your mom was right all along, you will get a cold otherwise, and that sucks!”

 Kevin Griffin of WashCo Skate Crew

The salt of the earth dealing with the salt on the road. Kevin won’t let a little “winterization” keep him from slipping slideways.

“The WashCo Skate Crew guys and gals know that you can’t skip out on skating just because its winter. To keep up on our riding we layer up in the warm yet loose gear, strap on our full face lids, and charge down the hills. The shred season never ends! Hand warmers in the slide gloves is always a plus as well. Once you get moving you warm up, loosen up, and get ready to slam the best line you can throw down. Happy Shredding!”

Josh Fuentes

“In my experience with skating in the cold I’ve found that if you fail to layer up, the second you start to ride and that wind starts to hit you it’s going to feel like you have nothing but shorts and a tee shirt on. I’d recommend a heavy duty hoodie and a jacket(preferably weatherproof) to go over it. That way it keeps your body heat in. Also I believe gloves are a vital part of winter skating. I personally prefer fingerless gloves so you don’t have to keep taking them off to work your phone or touch sensitive slide gloves for the freerider/downhiller.”

Slidin’ through the eye of the winter storm. Photo: Lucie Giraud

Mike Mayhew of the Yoke Crew

“What I used to do to skate in the cold for trips like Yokesgiving as well as when it was cold once upon a time in Tahoe lol, was 1st a half size too big of a shoe with two pairs of socks one skate and one wool. Then the normal long John under a pair of jeans and a long sleeve with a hoodie and wind breaker. Then I use snowboarding glove liners inside of my slide gloves. And now a full face but when I didn’t have one I used my snow face mask.”

Mike may live out West now, but he grew up on the classic East Coast winters.


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