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Push More Rep Newsletter: December Launch

written by Josh Dunn December 1, 2017
Aloha Push More Fam!!
I just wanted to drop you a quick line and first off say good work last month and thank you so much for helping us launch a program meant to spread the stoke of skateboarding! We could not have done it without each of y’all and we are beyond amped to see where we can roll with this thing from here.
Today is the first of the month in case you were not aware which means that all Bolts have reset, the prize wall has shifted slightly, and there are new and exciting ways for you to earn your bolts. Although there are a few small changes, the heart of the program remains the exact same: we want you to get out and ride your skateboard more and encourage others to do the same with you. We believe in the skateboarding community and desire to grow the active members within this circle that we are so blessed to call home. This month we want to keep the focus on spreading the stoke through getting out and living the Skate Life!
While embracing this new commitment to Push More, there are couple key things to remember through the month of December that will help you keep landing Bolts for stomping the various challenges we’ve set out for you:

1. Skating Daily is the still the MAIN GOAL.  Its easy and classy to share your pictures daily and reps have racked up tons of points with this simple act.

2. Building A Crew by sharing your unique URL is still the most lucrative way to earn points.  Successful reps put their URL in the bio and share it often to reach the most people. Encouraging your recruits to become active Push More Reps will also maximize your Bolt accumulation.

3.  We’ve up’d the rewards for throwing EVENTS because this is literally where new skaters get plugged in and become life long shredders. Giving your local community members a place to come out and meet other skaters will strengthen your scene and encourage more group sessions in the future. We all know its better to skate with a homie so lets get out and create events to make this possible!

4.  This month we’re making it easier to earn points by SHARING POSTS .  Be sure to check your email daily and score tons of points just by sharing.  You’ll get specific points for sharing (depending on how many social networks you’ve signed up with) and more points as your friends Like, Comment and Click on your posts. AGAIN , you need to access these posts through the emails we send, so please MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL.

5.  LASTLY, many of you have asked about Points For Purchases at www.bustinboards.com .  It took us a while, but we’ve figured it out. . Starting this month we’ll give you 200 BOLTS for every $100 purchased atwww.bustinboards.com OR from any authorized seller worldwide .  Receipts must be official and may be validated if the shop, purchase date or details are unclear.

Skateboarding is a lifestyle and an art that transcends all borders making it perfect for anyone and everyone who will give it a try. Remember this and also remember that you are in a position to become a leader who has something very radical to share with your community. We are here to help you any way we can so please do not hesitate to reach out with any question or concern you may have.

Stay shreddy, and Keep Pushing Homies!!!

-Joshtafari & The Bustin Crew


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