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Push More Rep Newsletter: Event Care Packages

written by Josh Dunn November 7, 2017

Aloha Bustin Fam! Welcome to the latest informational article pertaining to all things going on that have to do with our Push More Reps. This program has been evolving to help meet all the new needs that y’all express in an effort to make a system that supports y’all as you support skateboarding!

Jacsen Kutik (@jacsenkutik) waiting for his turn on the mini at this years Centeral Mass Skate Fest. Photo: Khaleeq

One of the greatest ways to foster growth within the skateboarding community is to provide places for individuals to get out and connect with fellow shredders.  If you have not already, be sure to read the previous event hosting Push More Newsletters  Part I and Part II that both give helpful tips on throwing successful gatherings.  After you peep those quick reads and begin planning your own event, we have come up with a couple ways to help you stoke out all the community members that come out to get shreddy!

Kiefer chillin’ with the crowd at the Brooklyn Pump Track after winning his 7th Broadway Bomb this year. Photo: Khaleeq

Bustin Boards Box of Bolts:

Each month, one of y’alls events will be chosen to receive the ultimate care package filled with gear for you to hook up the homies with. This package will contain some combination of stickers, wheels, bearings, shirts, or any other gear that we can fit into a cardboard box along with a one off laser etched deck specifically made for your event!

Bustin Bag of Swag:

For all the other events that y’all host, we have come up with a prize package that will include some toss out items as well as some coupon cards for gear hook ups off BustinBoards.com.

To enter your event in the running for the Box of Bolts or for the Bag of Swag, simply hit up Joshtafari via email (jdunn@bustinboards.com) or on FaceBook Messenger with the date and details of what you have planned. We will be picking an event for the Box of Bolts at the beginning of each month so be sure to give us as much heads up as possible!

The first Bustin Box of Bolts is going out to Regional Rep Edwin Silva for his Push Wood Race Nov. 11th in NYC

Unfortunately, at this time these packages are only for events that will be held within the United States due to high shipping costs over seas. For those of you living outside of the states, please contact Joshtafari directly either on FaceBook messenger or on his email at jdunn@bustinboards.com and we can work directly to see if there is anything we can work out.

Thank you for your stoke and for helping us spread the joy of skateboarding and I am beyond amped to personally check out all the events that y’all will be hosting soon!



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