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Push More Rep Newsletter: February Launch Breakdown

written by Josh Dunn January 31, 2018

Whats up Push More Fam??? I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you in on some updates regarding the February Push More launch going live tomorrow! The whole goal of this program is to inspire y’all through each challenge to simply get outside and on your skateboard more. To continue this, we have come up with exciting new ways for you to expand your Skate Everything ability while still earning Bolts at the same time!

Push More Rep and Team Bustin rider Cameron Hancock making it look easy Down Under.

Learn a Trick:

Just published yesterday, the first Push More Trick Tip is just the beginning of our new Shreducation program that will give you helpful hints towards some of the most fun tricks that are possible on your skateboard.  To earn your bolts for this, simply post a photo or video of your self practicing the trick from the latest video using the appropriate hashtags. These videos will be dropping weekly so you will have tons of chances to not only improve your skill set but also stack those Bolts!

Phuong Tran wants you to Push with her towards progression!

Rad Photo Challenge:

You already have been posting about #ThyDailyPush but now we want to see your gnarliest experience on that push! We will be weekly reviewing these submissions and giving a Bolts Boost to the submissions that we find to be the most radical!

Owen Hopper risking it all to blast through freshly salted roads in search of his Bolts Box that was supposed to be in the mail

Share Your Shredventure:

We want to hear about your experiences as you get out and Push More! Skating can take you to some of the most amazing places or give you some of the most unique experiences possible. Submit to us a write up of what skateboarding has done for you and we may throw it up on the Bustin Blog as its own article. Earn Bolts just for the submission and get a Bolts Boost if you are chosen to be published!

Ian knows all about how his skateboard can lead him to unique experiences.

Bolts Challenge Scavenger Hunt:

Its back with a vengeance!  The Bolts Challenge Series was such a smashing hit that we wanted to give you the opportunity to rally community support for your skating submissions. We have come up with 5 obstacles for you to be on the look out for when on #ThyDailyPush so that you can mash up a quick edit of your self completing each one. The top vote getters will be rewarded with a hefty Bolts Boost for their efforts! This month we are asking for you to submit an entry containing:

  1. Hill Bomb
  2. Street Shenagains
  3. Slappy/Curb Tricks
  4. Commute Crushing
  5. Dirt Ride

Head over to the Rep Portal for a full break down of how to complete each of these before getting outside and searching them out!



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