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Push More Rep Newsletter: Hosting an Event Pt. II

written by Josh Dunn September 11, 2017

Hosting an Event, Day of Best Practices…

Aloha Push More Family! Last Newsletter we got deep into the nitty gritty of the details involved in planning your own community event. The focus is now going to shift from the prep work to the actual best practices for what to expect the day of when you’ll actually be running the show.

Team Bustin rallying back up the hill at the 2016 Mary Hill Loop Freeride. Photo: Khaleeq

Running an Event Step by Step Guide:

When you are the host, there are a lot of things to remember to bring as well as duties that will need your attention while at the spot. Here are a few tips of how you can come fresh and prepared to make sure things run smooth and everyone has a rad time!

1. Prep the Night Before and Show up Early

You are going to be responsible for organizing whatever details are associated with the event you have planned. If you will have heats of any kind, you should AT LEAST figure out the structure if not the actual names within the heats the night before if possible to avoid delay and headache at the spot. Also round up any cones, clipboards, prizes, and any other items you will need so that way you aren’t running around searching the morning of. Being ready to rock and roll so that you can be there early to greet everyone showing up will help set the good vibe for all participants.

Cam Steeger getting after it during a local event in Michigan.

2. Quickness is Key for any Contests

If you choose to run a contest portion of your event it will be very important to make it as smooth and seamless as possible. Having your act together and minimizing delays between heats or runs will keep everyone engaged and help everyone stay stoked on participating. Don’t rush but don’t dilly dally. Keep things moving and you will have happy competitors eager to push themselves which is one of the main objectives when hosting an event.

Curren Atterbury blasting at the Bustin A.S.S Bowl Jam


3.  Front Side Help the Community

The event that your organize is meant to provide a place for the community to get out and interact over a light hearted, but organized day of skating. This sometimes means that as the host you will not get to be the star of the show and take as many runs as you would like. Be prepared to let your skating take a back seat as you create the platform for others to enjoy themselves and hopefully plug deeper into the scene.

A photo from Team Bustin’s stop in Belgium during the 2016 Bustin Euro Tour. Photo: Bandy

There is no way to account for all of the situations you may encounter as the host of your own event but the best advice we can give you is to just get out there and make it happen! It won’t always go 100% according to plan but the more exposure and practice planning you get, the more experience you’ll have to ensure things go as smooth as possible.

Always feel free to hit up Joshtafari on his email (jdunn@bustinboards.com) or on Facebook Messenger (Josh Dunn) with any specific questions you may have and we can work together to try and find the best solution for your local scene.

Stay Stoked and Keep Pushing!


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